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The Winter of Conservative Discontent

lshort Wrote: Dec 11, 2012 5:29 PM
It's pretty obvious to me that most of the people who write articles about those living solely off of government benefits, don't actually know anyone who is doing so. Or maybe they know one person, but still, given the way it's described, even that seems unlikely. Those in the conservative media write about it as if it's not a horrible constrained life of desperate poverty (which it is) and those in the liberal media write about it as if those living off government benefits are doing so through no fault of their own (excluding seniors, children and the severely handicapped, it usually is primarily their own fault). Oh well.
As the white flag rises above Republican redoubts, offering a surrender on taxes, the mind goes back to what seemed a worse time for conservatives: December 1964.

Barry Goldwater had suffered a defeat not seen since Alf Landon. Republicans held less than one-third of the House and Senate and only 17 governorships. The Warren Court was remaking America.

In the arts, academic and entertainment communities, and national press corps, conservatives were rarely seen or heard. It was Liberalism's Hour, with America awash in misty memories of Camelot and great expectations of the Great Society to come in 1965.

That year, however,...

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