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Roe v Wade, Forty Years After

lshort Wrote: Jan 14, 2013 12:07 PM
They're really not the same thing. That's why we have different words for them--the meaning of the Latin root notwithstanding--the Latin root for "embryo" means "to swell," so should we based on that consider an embryo (which is the stage at which more than half of elective abortions take place) a "swelling?" We need to base our opinions on abortion on logical and moral reasoning, not on ancient language word roots.

The number forty has great significance in the Bible.

Perhaps best known is the forty years that the Israelites were condemned to wander in the desert before being permitted entry into the Promised Land.

Maybe this mystical quantity will bear significance as we note, this month, the fortieth year since the Roe v Wade decision legalized abortion in America.

Forty years we have lived with the silent, and sometimes not so silent, holocaust in our midst as the lives of 55 million innocent and unborn children have been killed, plucked from their journey to enter this world.

Who were they? Who...