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I am going to be honest for a second, the video I saw on their website was, interesting. It showed a woman being trained in a "sweep and clean" simulation within a building. The instructor was chastising her for keeping the pistol close and tucked, rather than leading with the weapon (Holding the gun as far out as your arms will go). The reality is, in close, tight areas, when your constantly moving, keeping the elbows bent and close to your torso is the best way to shoot and move. Attempting to remember when to extend your arms in and out is not only unnecessary, but unsafe. Katie for AZ senate!
In Atlas Shrugged, this is called culture of death. America has become that. I dont like it. I dont want it. But to deny it is foolish. Our society is more concerned with reality shows, than with abortion. It is more afraid of being the world police than stopping oppression of the innocent. America is more concerned about the right to make violent TV shows and video games than to stop that same violence in our own inner cities. We elect politicians that ADD to these problems then complain about why things dont change. God help us.....
I love you Katie, but please do not give this moron any more of your time. Hes worth writing about nearly as much as KKK members, LDS groups who are salivating over possible polygamy with the new gay marriage law, and Bill Mahr. The more credence we give people like this, the bigger their platform becomes. They are literally no different than the child screaming in your face until you acknowledge them. KATIE FRO AZ SENATE!
McCain and Flake are a joke. Napalitano, who came from AZ is a joke. Why do we keep electing these fools? I was raised in AZ and am utterly amazed at the disconnect between our politicians and the people here. If local politics here is representative of the reset of the nation, I may become a fatalist. Katie for AZ SENATE! One of the best defense arguments out there.
Gen 2:24 says "wife" singular, not plural, Matt 19:5 Mark10:7-8 do the same. Deut 17:17 says not to multiply wives. Paul said in 1 Corinthians 7:2 to have a wife, singular, not plural. 1 timothy 3:2 says the same. i could go on and on, but even a simple study of marriage in the old and new testament stress one man, one woman. If you have read the Bible, you would understand this. Fornication, or sex outside of marriage, is condemned in the Bible. You dont have to like it, but to deny it is to deny common sense.
Theres a book about how great altruism really is, its called Atlas Shrugged.
When I hear Kennedy say this, i screamed at my radio, "We dont let children make laws in this country for a reason!" Then I realized there was at least one adult, who thought like a child on the bench. God help us....
My fiance has family in Tuscon, and I have family in Douglas. There are a ton of issues with illegals down south and dont let the media feed you anything less! Everyone down south should have a gun or two around, especially if they pass the liberal 'reform' they want for border security. KATIE FOR AZ SENATE!
8 Billion more in debt added just today, the same happen tomorrow and every other day for the future. No cuts of any kind are taking place on Capitol Hill. Katie for AZ senate!
Almost forgot... KATIE FOR AZ SENATE!
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