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Please Don't Feed the Democrats

lseekins-shuck Wrote: Apr 17, 2012 2:14 PM
Mitt Romney supports the Project for the New American Century and the Foreign Policy Initiative, the think-tank which promotes: diplomatic, economic, and military engagement IN THE WORLD! Iraq was all lies, so is Iran. The media has a war to sell you, are you buying it? Mitt Romney even named his foreign policy plan a new American Century...HOW ORIGINAL! I am voting for Ron Paul! End the wars! Here is a video of Romney and PNAC:
Lastinline2 Wrote: Apr 17, 2012 6:12 PM
The 'Foreign Policy initiative' think tank has a name...Counsel On Foreign Relations.
What good does it do to vote out CFR member 0bama, only to elect CFR member Romney? This is why we continue down the same road toward tyranny one president after another! This is also why nothing changes (except getting progressively worse) in Washington but the face. When you belong to a activist group (such as the CFR) you ARE part of their agenda.
Ron Paul 2012!
This week, when I sat down to compose my weekly TownHall missive, my chair was an aisle seat on a flight to California.  Somewhere over Utah I got to thinking how appropriate it is that the California state flag features a grizzly bear as its icon.  A bear cub is a cute little rascal that grows up and eats you.

The people of California are burdened with an insatiable state government that devours enormous troughs of tax money and excretes it as commerce regulations, leaving a trail of defeated aspirations and more dependents than any other state...
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