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Obama the magnificent permits his subjects 7 question prior to his multi million dollar holiday, paid for by said subjects. The knee-pad so-called journalists in the WH press corps will no doubt fall over themselves to be amongst the first 7 in line. America was better off with King George III
I predict Samantha Power current UN Ambassador. That will drive the military brass nuts!
No resignation = No honor Same as the rest of Obama's appointees.
He wants to BE POTUS alright. He just doesn't want to do the work or accept the responsibility. Just like his gig as president of Harvard Law Review (say those who worked there at the time). He figures it's good to be king.
Perhaps someone can think of a creative use for pork fat.
President Jarrett (who was born in Iran) is happy.
This so called "fix" will be a political fix designed to cast Republicans in a bad light. Politics is the only thing this White House is good at.
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