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No resignation = No honor Same as the rest of Obama's appointees.
He wants to BE POTUS alright. He just doesn't want to do the work or accept the responsibility. Just like his gig as president of Harvard Law Review (say those who worked there at the time). He figures it's good to be king.
Perhaps someone can think of a creative use for pork fat.
President Jarrett (who was born in Iran) is happy.
This so called "fix" will be a political fix designed to cast Republicans in a bad light. Politics is the only thing this White House is good at.
The blind leading the blind. Too bad there aren't any adults in charge.
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VIDEO: "Is America Still Exceptional?"

lrussell Wrote: Jul 13, 2013 12:23 PM
America is certainly exceptional, but not in the ways it used to be: 1. America incarcerates more people per capita than any other country in the world. 90% of people charged with a federal crime are convicted. 2. America is basically bankrupt and borrowing money like there is no tomorrow, with no intention of ever paying it back. So the Fed keeps interest rates at 0% and prints money. This won't end well. 3. America is becoming less and less free. The government no longer serves citizens. Citizens serve the government. 4. The US President has become a monarch, like none other in the world. He travels and lives like a king. Bestows wealth and position to his friends. Chooses which laws to enforce, which to ignore. Spies on it's citizens and personally selects who will die in foreign lands via drone strike. (Nobel is rolling in his grave.) 5. America is retreating from the world stage. It has the same enemies but they view America as a toothless tiger. Allies no longer respect or trust America to support them. Israel, Great Britain and Canada for example have all been insulted by the current administration. 6. America has an exceptionally dysfunctional government. Checks & balances have created stasis. Big issues are decided by Anthony Kennedy (or John Roberts). 7. Ask not what you can do for your country, ask what your country can do for you. Almost half of Americans expect and demand that government solve their problems. 8. American has an exceptionally bad education system; spending more per student than any other country but coming near dead last in student achievement in math, reading and science. I'm sure others could add to this list. There are areas of the country which are exceptional, in the sense of freedom and opportunity not available elsewhere in the world. However America as a whole is no longer like that. Sorry folks those days are long gone and will not return.
Obama's no Keynesian. Keynes understood that raising minimum wage rates would reduce opportunities for young people to enter the workforce. Obama has no clue about economics.
Obama won't draw a line in sand as regards to Iran but will as regards the US economy. He negotiates with foreign powers but won't negotiate with other branches of government. Romney should be able work that into the foreign affairs debate.
I don't care too much for Big Bird, but I'd hate lose the Swedish Chef. Maybe I'll organize a protest for him, after the election.
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