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Lady Listerine wrote: "Because Romney isn't hiding his birth certificate like Obama is." Oh really? Then how come I can download Obama's long form birth certificate here: So where is Romney's birth certificate? You can't post a link to it. Why? Are you that stupid?
Drafter33 wrote: "And oh, by the way: Romney HAS been vetted, twice now." Oh really?! Then it would be so simple for you to post the link to Romney's birth certificate! But you can't do it! Why? Are you that stupid?
"Ms. KOROPECKYJ: That initial infusion into the economy of the unemployment insurance benefits then reverberates through the economy, flows through the economy in a variety of ways, and so that, you know, $1 of benefits is magnified. NEARY: In other words, the grocery store owner has the money to pay employees. Those employees might need to buy a new dishwasher. The owner of the appliance store might want a new car and so on. That, says Koropeckyj, is how unemployment insurance boosts, rather than drains, the economy."
Don't let facts stand in the way of your retarded thinking.
"NEARY: The Moody team tested the economic impact of a number of government programs, including making the Bush tax cuts permanent. They found that unemployment benefits have the biggest bang for the buck. For every dollar spent on unemployment, the economy gets back $1.61. The return on tax cuts is much smaller. Ms. KOROPECKYJ: We only get a 32-cent impact for the loss to the treasury of the tax revenues. NEARY: That's because people who benefit from tax cuts tend to be wealthier. So they might save the extra money. On the other hand, Koropeckyj says, those getting extended unemployment benefits have no choice but to spend."
Yeah it's much better to give the money as tax cuts to the rich so they can create more jobs in India and China!
Yeah and Romney knows that he does not want anyone to see his creative accounting and ZERO taxes.
It's time to vet Romney. Obama has already posted his info. President Obama's long form birth certificate: President Obama's tax returns for the past 12 years: Where's Romney's?
What is Romney so afraid of?
President Obama's long form birth certificate: President Obama's tax returns for the past 12 years: Where is Romney's?
Get off your knees. Romney isn't hiding his BC in there!
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