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Lerner has been held in contempt of congress. Her future is dim. What does the IRS think the OFA is? They are Obama's non-profit which is nothing but political.
A competency test should be required before people can vote.
The dumping of illegal immigrants in the US has turned me against ant thought of amnesty.
The Ten Commandments say do not kill. Jesus would never approve of the murders taking place in the womb.
Susan Rice has Bergdahl untruths on her resume now. She will be remembered for eternity as Obama's liar in chief. When someone says to lie about something they will say just Susan Rice it.
All I can say is keep talking and get people out to vote for republicans this fall. Reid needs to be stopped.
Maybe some of the people who are trying to make flipping burgers a career will have to pay taxes now.
Remember Clinton favored the prisoner swap for Bergdahl when it comes time to vote.
I think Obama thought the country would be happy to see Bergdahl come home. Another Obama blunder. He has put kidnap me on every American in the world.
Lying for a living gets old. Is he going to work for the Clinton's now? That's how they usually keep people's mouths shut when they leave Obama's administration.
I'm sick of Carney the circus barker. He has spread more manure than a farmer on 100,000 acres.
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