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No wonder Cher's daughter didn't want to be like her mom.
Ivy Leaguers have been failures as presidents. I think Walker is a great candidate even if he only finished the 7th grade.
Flake owes his soul to the US Chamber of Commerce. He speaks like a liberal, walks like a liberal and is a liberal.
The important figure is 104 million on welfare and 47 million on food stamps. Obama's numbers are a lie.
The breakup of the Bell system allowed WorldCom to come into existence. WorldCom routed many of its calls over the AT&T network and defrauded investors. The breakup also pushed the manufacture of equipment overseas. Thousands of jobs were lost. Judge Green who made the decision to break up the Bell system was regretful later on. Sprint is now owned by the Chinese. and T-Mobile is German owned. Mexican Carlos Slim is a huge benefactor of obamaphones. The Bell system was a private company with stock holders. The breakup of the Bell system was not all good.
School choice and vouchers. Public schools should have to compete for students.
Work hard, save money and watch big spending liberals try to take your savings. They are the grasshoppers in The Ant And The Grasshopper in Aesop's Fables.
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Here We Go: Ted Cruz Revs 2016 Engine

lovestorun Wrote: Jan 20, 2015 5:53 PM
I'd vote for Cruz. He has presented cases before the Supreme Court and isn't afraid to say what he thinks. I think he was right about the budget Boehner and the Senate just passed. Obama's amnesty will not be stopped. McConnell and other top Republicans are on a leash held by the US Chamber of Commerce but Cruz isn't a slave to any lobbyists.
The US Chamber of Commerce is telling Republicans what to do.
McCaskill knows there won't be another Akins running against her in the future. She is out of step with Missouri. She voted for the stimulus, obamacare and UN gun control.
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