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Conservatives should learn how to use this law to their advantage.
Geraldo Rivera should stick to posting his late night half naked tweets. He couldn't even cover the Army in Iraq without giving up their position on the air. He was sent home.
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Jeb Bush Mulling 2016 Presidential Run

lovestorun Wrote: Aug 27, 2014 4:11 PM
No more Bush presidents for me. The last one could've made some positive changes for conservatives but didn't take advantage of the opportunity.
103 million on welfare, 27% of the population on Medicare and the debt climbing to $20 trillion like a rocket to the moon. We really need some more economic crippling laws that will not change anything but Obama supporters bank accounts.
Flip flopper, what ever it takes to get a job that he doesn't have to work at. Christ should be flipping burgers. He has no talent.
Ferguson has left a bad taste in my mouth. The way governor Nixon and the news media convicted officer Wilson before the facts were known makes me sick. The civil rights movement in America is not about fairness at all.
People should think about the consequences of abortion. Some people are devastated later in life over their choice of abortion.
SNL died many years ago. It isn't funny anymore without hurting someone.
The liberalization of America has freed the freaks who prey on kids. It wasn't that long ago when a person could leave their front door unlocked and the keys in the car. The civil right movement, illegal immigration and liberalization of prosecuting criminals has changed all that.
Send the cops to arrest ISIS. What a joke. It's time for the military to destroy ISIS and take no prisoners.
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