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Illinois democrats have bankrupted the state while they have filled their bank accounts. They make Al Capone look like a good guy.
Democrats work full time between elections collecting names of people who have died or moved to another state. It's called Cheat the Vote. I'm sure rep. Cummings is aware of it.
Biden is so full of hot air I'm surprised he doesn't float.
Another reason for a 3rd party. Who wants to vote for these slime balls? Not me.
I read where one Navigator got paid and went to the Bahamas. This was a paycheck for ex Acorn employees.
The democrat party was taken over by progressive politicians after the 1960's. I think that's when the media turned on conservatives. Sam Donaldson of ABC has been attacking republicans since his first day on the job.
This is 100% proof Obama has been bought off.
Hillary Clinton is incompetent in everything she does except phony concussions.
Let Bloomberg walk the streets of south Chicago unarmed and no body guards. Chicago has the most restrictive gun laws in the nation. Shouldn't they make Bloomberg safe?
Another case of union and government failure. It's obvious Illinois workers are n't up to the task of keeping Medicaid rolls clean. The same thing is happening in voter rolls.
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