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Poll: Brown, Shaheen Dead Even in NH

lovestorun Wrote: 13 hours ago (2:52 PM)
Brown will have a hard time winning after the Democrats bring out the dead vote.
If this woman really meant what she said, she would be a Republican. I don't believe one word out of her mouth.
Simple, pass a law banning private ownership of tanks and confiscate Allen's tank.
The IRS is beyond repair.
I hate seeing men from the greatest generation ever pass on. I miss them.
She still has a problem if she wins the election. Back to court.
Has there been an good news for the US lately? I can't remember any.
Ask this person if she has ever heard of the PLO and the atrocities they committed.
Peter Principle at work.
Do criminals listen to Mom's? Nope! Kroger is doing the right thing. The heck with communists who masquerade as Mom's.
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