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It is a good thing I didn't live in that area or I would've protested the protestors.
Wind power is destroying too many birds and should be stopped until there is a way to stop birds from getting killed if that can ever happen. I don't want to see anymore bird killing machines erected. Environmentalists want to run wind power forever. The total number of birds killed over time would be enormous. Also, the solar energy plant that is frying birds in flight should be stopped now.
$billions spent and disruption of healthcare for negative results. Way to go Democrats. You failed again.
Call it anything they want, the weather BS is a hoax to take over energy and tax people.
Dempsey is a big come down from what I expect from the top guy in the military. He is dopey.
The Clintons have ruined many lives on their way to the top. Some of those even died.
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Poll: Brown, Shaheen Dead Even in NH

lovestorun Wrote: Sep 15, 2014 2:52 PM
Brown will have a hard time winning after the Democrats bring out the dead vote.
If this woman really meant what she said, she would be a Republican. I don't believe one word out of her mouth.
Simple, pass a law banning private ownership of tanks and confiscate Allen's tank.
The IRS is beyond repair.
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