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Waterboarding versus supplying firearms to murderers. I think water boarding is a walk in the park compared to what Holder did.
Castro is a back stabbing communist. As long as he is around there should be no relationship with Cuba.
Fluke lives in a different world than I do. She is always telling everyone how bad it is.
The Internet has brought more ugly news to me than I can barely stand. I think I was better off not knowing of people like this abortionist.
In 2017 the IRS and DOJ need to be overhauled (fire almost everyone) top to bottom.
"It's a piece of cloth". I'd like to throw the jerk that said that out of the country.
Not racial? Yes it was but the DOJ will not prosecute any black for a hate crime.
Would Oliver Friedfeld be OK with his mother being gang raped? Privilege for most whites is earned from hard work. Has he ever worked a summer roofing houses or pouring concrete hoping to keep his job? Nope, Oliver Friedfeld came from a rich family. Would he say Obama's kids are privileged? Nope, color is wrong.
I can't wait until Obama has to watch the next Republican president undo all of Obama's executive orders and then ending obamacare via Congress. Put my vote back to work.
People always had access to healthcare insurance . Many didn't want to pay for it so now the federal government is paying for 27% of the population's healthcare. It is not sustainable.
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