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Dr. Adams has a PhD. Horton knows that. He was being intentionally insulting. Now, surely, you must know that.
Tinseldick, he said it was something he learned in a seminar. So please read more carefully. For example, your previous diatribe against Adams for using the term wedding failed to account for the fact that he had the term in derisive quotes. So when you said "it wasn't a wedding" you were stating agreement with him, not citing evidence that he was "lying." You are an emotional wreck. Adams seems to live up your fanny. How old are you?
There's no possible way you could not be a homosexual. People who say "Mikey" to insult a person named Mike are either nine years old or they are taking it in the anus. If you are nine, get off your mothers computer.
Mikey? What an angry little sodomite you are.
You need to find something else to do with your time tinseldick2. Your obsession with Adams is unhealthy.
Tinseldork2 cannot stop reading Adams columns. He just lives within a thread where he is miserable and hopelessly ineffective at creating positive change. It is mental musturbation.
Adams twice passes legislation to change university policies that impede student rights. Tinseldork2 sits in his underwear waiting on his social security checks while insulting Adams in anonymity. It's a wonderful life.
The question is why tinseldick2 keeps reading a columnist he hates and is impotent to change. Just another angry secular "liberal" Jew with a pathological hatred of evangelical Chrisitans.
You post anonymously. He puts his name on his work. You are the wuss. Btw, in a fistfight between you and Adams my money is on Professor Adams. Btw, "had to sue to get promotion" means he won. Because he has the courage you don't.
He's just an angry Jew.
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