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Burger King and perfume is not a good analogy.What better way to attract men than to smell like a nice juicy hamburger?
The existence of Iran, and their theocratic government, is the very reason the U.N. needs this council. To oppose Iranian mistreatment of women.Talk about the foxes guarding the henhouse!
I'm surprised there are any Republican speakers at all. No doubt the faculty will turn their backs on the Republican speakers as they approach the podium and their students will be trained to do the same.
Two words: Charlie Rangel (still in Congress). Oh. And two more : Bill Clinton- served his full term after his womanizing war on women culminated with lies about his abuse of a young intern not much older than his own daughter. And HIllary enabled that abuse for years.
Within 2 weeks of his first inauguration Obama moved the Census Bureau into the White House. (see Fox News link below). We knew the Census Bureau would be used politically but the news media is so in the pocket of this administration that they refuse to print anything that might dim the glow on his highness's halo. Shameful.
Repeal the 16th amendment. Introduce the FairTax. Then reduce the rate of the Fair Tax to below what is collected now for starters. We don't want revenue neutral. Taxed enough already.
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Branding Hillary Clinton

Love of Liberty Wrote: Apr 13, 2014 7:34 AM
I agree with the branding idea and the earlier the better. I call Hillary "Aunt Edna". She just looks like everybody's ancient great Aunt Edna ( or Ida, or Harriet or any other old fashioned name people don't name their baby girls these days). And who would want that old biddie running the country? The woman is dangerous to our Republic.
The gun-owners of Connecticut are only following Obama's lead. If you don't like a law you don't have to follow it. In Obama's case it is his own (health insurance mandate) law. When words start to have no meanings.- marriage can no longer be a union of a man and a woman, then I am free to sell turkey sandwiches made of ham to Muslims. The Constitution and the rule of law must be restored or we will have anarchy.
The Divider in Chief is at it again. Busy herding everyone into their proper race or sex cubicle so they can be counted. Like that will improve the economy? Republicans don't care about what your race is. You are an individual and your pay should be based on how well you do your job. What course of study you took in college or trade school will determine your work path. Study communications , social work or women's studies and you can't be expected to get that high-paying job as an electrical engineer or astrophysicist. The "77 cents" lie must be put to rest along with all other fantasies of the left.
It's not "smart" to point out your opponent doesn't have a college degree. It's whiny.
it is high time we stopped listening to those well meaning but not so well informed high school guidance counselors who think everyone has to go to college to be valued. They are just feeding the Big Education Machine. We need electricians and plumbers and contractors and entrepreneurs more than someone who majored in women's studies. Besides , it takes years, sometimes decades, to undo the disastrous ideas that college has inculcated in our children.
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