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And even if she gets a pass on not being the one to determine the exact security needed for various embassies or consulates, she is 100% responsible for concocting that ridiculous story about the "video" being the cause of the attack. She even made her own video with Obama to apologize to Pakistanis about how bad we are to have free speech, allowing such videos to be made. She promised the father of one of the dead Navy seals that she would... what? find out who did this? No. that she would put that videographer in jail. Which she did on trumped up charges. And she , and others, think she is qualified for the presidency? I have never seen someone so unqualified. And you liberal women out there. If you think she is promoting your cause( whatever that means) she stood by and defended her women -abusing husband, trying to blame conservatives for his sexual proclivities. Interns are very young women and he took advantage, sexually , of one in his office. And Hillary stood by him.
Whether our chief executive stands up or sits down in the bathroom is a bizarre obsession of the Left. I'd rather base my vote on competence for the office. And I mean the real oval office.
Lady, The time to distance yourself from Obama and Obamacare was when it came up for a vote. You made your choice . Now live with it.
Much as I despise his actions in the Senate, when he was taken prisoner and it was discovered he was the son of an admiral, he was offered early release, he declined and was punished horribly for years. That was a heroic action.
I feel as though I am in a long-running nightmare that keeps getting worse and I can't wait to wake up to the real world.....but this, America, is now our real world!
"..they can try desperately to change the channel from Obamacare," That is the nugget of a great Republican campaign commercial.: TV shows one person after another complaining about Obamacare getting their insurance policies cancelled, the unaffordable rates of the Exchange policies that don't meet their needs. A person who looks mysteriously like Harry Reid or Nancy Pelosi aims the remote to change the channel (to some lame reality show) but the TV switches itself back to the people and their complaints.....several times. Voiceover: "Sick of Obamacare and this administration running your life? Vote Freedom. Vote Republican.
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Happy Birthday, Chairman Mao?

Love of Liberty Wrote: Jan 03, 2014 6:19 PM
DoctorX- Good grief are you unaware of the revelations from the Venona Project? How McCarthy was vindicated? The Rosenbergs, Alger Hiss, Harry Dexter White WERE working for the Soviets. He wasn't just witch-hunting. The government did have communist spies. Now we have the relatives of other communists who are very close confidantes of Obama.
Well, if they had taken advantage of the "Fluke" benefit they wouldn't be in that situation, now, would they?
With Obamacare, old folks are considered "shovel-ready".
'Undocumented" has to be the crappiest fake word of the decade. They HAVE documents. The documents show they are legal citizens of whatever country their parents came from. Period. And those countries wouldn't for a minute consider you or me in any way other than ILLEGAL should we set foot on their soil without the proper papers. This is tantamount to Christie declaring he does not want to run as a Republican in 2016.
If you look at the Democrat "minority" members of Congress you will see people who represent districts gerrymandered to be majority minority. Whereas the Republican "minority" members represent districts that are mostly white (Tim Scott in 74% white SC 1st District, Allen West in 82% white FL 22nd District). In other words- White Republicans vote for minority candidates but Democrats will only allow minorities to represent minority districts.
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