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Racial Quota Punishment

Love of Liberty Wrote: Nov 18, 2014 7:58 AM
Pigmentation populism.
The "American people" didn't vote for this law, Only Democrat Congressmen and Senators did. We (Republicans, Tea Partiers, Conservatives) knew they were stupid to do so but now their own consultants verify it.
The myth of "food deserts" has been totally debunked. People in urban areas are closer to green grocers and other food outlets than suburban or rural people who must drive 15 minutes or more to get to the store. People have to start questioning the premises of these pieces.
This is so basic. Thousands of years of experience of intact families producing stable productive children is the proof. Whether they were productive farmers ,merchants or princes they managed to carry on the culture. Only recently , when we have seen government step in and try to take the role of "father", with disastrous results, have we had to deal with this income gap.
Houston is also represented in Congress by Sheila Jackson Lee. Somebody has got to test the water supply there.
AG Eric Holder's ballot was about to be handed to a white guy who, as an example of how easy voter fraud is, claimed to be Mr. Holder. Even though he said his ID was in the car the poll worker wanted him to have the ballot. He declinedto accept it so as not to commit fraud. He just wanted to show how it is necessary to have strong voter ID law.
Had to google for the information but , as I suspected, he is a Democrat-something AP failed to mention.
I'm shocked that a Democrat feels shame about anything. One would think this would be something for her to brag about -after all she was being compassionate and all.
This is really sad. To have to stoop to stunts like this to pander to special interests. We are ALL Americans ... so speak English. If you don't want to hear or speak English you have no business voting. If you became a naturalized citizen you had to learn English. We know you can do it. To assume you only understand Spanish is an insult to your intelligence and hard work studying. We are talking American politics here - not Mexican or Central American. And if I was a Mexican citizen I would be just as enraged if debates were in English.
They love to flaunt their "sovereign nation" status and point out how they are immune from laws the rest of America abides by. Let them tax their own citizens to build their own "housing" instead of picking taxpayers' pockets. They are called houses or homes or apartments and condominiums when you pay for them with your own money. "Housing" always refers to government build or subsidized residences. No one is forcing them to live on reservations anymore. They are free to leave and live anywhere on their own dime. To say they can't do that is an insult.
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Harry Reid: Public Enemy No. 1

Love of Liberty Wrote: Oct 05, 2014 8:42 AM
Please don't offend worms. Farmers and gardeners know worms serve a purpose. He does not.
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