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If I had to do it all over again I would home-school.
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Green Markets

Love of Liberty Wrote: Sep 03, 2014 12:13 PM
When I read your mention of the @#$% gas can I thought my husband was at the keyboard. That and the safety handles on the mower are his pet peeves. Just do away with EPA and other alphabet control agencies and leave us alone.
I'm afraid if a museum of the history of communism gets built on the Mall Obama voters would see it as a shrine and bow down to it. We know what progressives have done with American history. Just think how they will twist communist history to make it all ice cream and lollipops.
For the record, the left-leaning group is "Texans For Public Justice" and you can trace their funding back to George Soros' Open Society Institute and also the Tides Foundation.
"...a complaint from a left-leaning watchdog group"- What left-leaning watchdog group? Ifi t's not an anonymous tip , name them!
Previous presidents (the destitute Clintons excepted) vacationed where they owneda home, outfitted with a semi-permanent infrastructure for security: GW's ranch, Reagan's ranch, LBJ ranch, Carter's farm etc.This one requires extra taxpayer expense every single time he chooses a new venue for vacation.Obama HAS a home he could return to for vacations. It's in Chicago. It could be outfitted with security and he could go there whenever he felt the need to escape D.C. And there are too many vacations. Retired people don't get to play as much golf as he does. Being president of the United States is supposed to be a pretty high pressure 24/7 job not a practice for retirement. The people deserve better.
Was the worker who mistook lye for sugar illiterate? Certainly anyone with a grade school education even could read "lye" and know it is not "sugar". Perhaps the worker couldn't read (or speak) English?
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Attacking Achievement

Love of Liberty Wrote: Aug 12, 2014 7:10 AM
To progressives "single parent families" are not a problem. They encourage them because it makes them dependent on progressive government. The term "single parent" implies it could be a man at the head of the household when we all know it is a woman who never married the sperm donor to her child.These males do not deserve the title "father" or even "man". They should be called what they are- "absent father families".
In the post 9/11 world we must also consider the possibility of terrorists intercepting the transport of sick individuals en route. Who knows what could happen then?
Corporations don't pay tax-the customers pay them as taxes are imbedded in the cost of the item or service. All those who want to "punish" businesses cause prices to rise.
She fails to mention that it was when Democrats started making Education the business of Washington D.C. is when it it got excessively expensive. Colleges found out they could perennially raise tuition because taxpayers would foot the bill for college loans. Spending tax dollars is not the same as "investing". Investing, on a personal level, includes taking risk. Risking your own money so you are very careful about what you invest in.Taking money from people as taxes and then spreading it around to special interests is no "investing". Puh-leeze!
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