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As a former Democrat voter it occurred to me one day I was not Democrat because of any thought process but only because of what the professors said in college and I was an impressionable teenager. Once I actually THOUGHT about the issues, and looked at BOTH sides, I decided I was a conservative choice. Most Democrat voters never hear the other side of an issue. They listen to what Democrats say the other side is(gee, that wouldn't be biased). Glad I finally woke up and sorry it took me until way into adulthood to start using my brain.
After what this brave woman has suffered any American woman claiming to be a victim of a Republican "War on Women" should be ashamed. Feminists claiming victimhood have no idea what real suffering is.
But, according to Common Core standards, as long as he is able to show the steps he used to reach his answer it will be acceptable. Besides, it's Progressive fashion to change the definitions of words so why not the spelling as well?
Put your money where your mouth is. Why not have these 3 men personally fund returning the illegals to their place of origin and buying them homes there? It would certainly cost less than $3.7 billion, even if they flew them in private jets, and the taxpayers would be relieved of the government boot on their necks and government's hands on their wallets.
So pitifully embarrassing.And all those nitwits behind him smiling and clapping.dont't they realize this will be on the internet forever? How will they explain it to their grandchildren?
This boy's body was found 2 weeks ago. Yet the media (so-called) is just reporting it now?
Based on the post-presidency income of the Clintons, Obama should agree to use his future earnings to pay for morning after pills for those few employees of Hobby Lobby who may want them.
50 individual states-all with their own unique histories, can do a better job collectively creating their own curricula in their own towns and districts. Kids in Massachusetts can get a more involved history of the Pilgrims landing , visiting the sites and going above and beyond the skimming of the subject a textbook might provide. In our increasingly mobile society a child can gather quite a variety of teaching styles and content instead of the McDonald's Common Core same same everywhere system. They write the tests so they control the curriculum. We know bureaucrats can't possibly know what is best for all our kids. Read the Constitution and tell me where it says the national government is in charge of education.
Eric Holder, as Deputy AG in the Clinton administration, moved heaven and earth to abduct little Elian Gonzalez (without a warrant no less) and return him to his home country. Where is he now?
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The Rudeness of Registries

Love of Liberty Wrote: Jun 23, 2014 12:36 PM
Glad I am not the only one who is opposed to the wedding registries. I prefer to shop the local art/craftsman stores for utilitarian things such as serving bowls -hand thrown or painted ceramic or turned wood etc.. This will more likely remind the recipient of me every time they use it. Not likely to happen when they use a plate or spoon from their registry list. Most young brides will later look back at their "must-have" choices from their registry and see that Aunt So and So's individual choice was more meaningful than the long dead appliance. Even more so after Aunt So and So has passed on.
Why have a border at all? Why have citizenship? Why have laws?
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