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The Rudeness of Registries

Love of Liberty Wrote: Jun 23, 2014 12:36 PM
Glad I am not the only one who is opposed to the wedding registries. I prefer to shop the local art/craftsman stores for utilitarian things such as serving bowls -hand thrown or painted ceramic or turned wood etc.. This will more likely remind the recipient of me every time they use it. Not likely to happen when they use a plate or spoon from their registry list. Most young brides will later look back at their "must-have" choices from their registry and see that Aunt So and So's individual choice was more meaningful than the long dead appliance. Even more so after Aunt So and So has passed on.
Why have a border at all? Why have citizenship? Why have laws?
These hefty women seem to find money for coyotes. They aren't starving, for sure. Better they would use that money raising their families in their own countries. There are no wars there driving them out. The economies and crime is no worse than before. It is Obama and his irresponsible rhetoric that gave them the idea they could come illegally and stay with the willing help of coyotes. How many criminals are coming here this way? We have no respect for our laws if we let this continue.
Conservatives only appear radical or fringe to the likes of Debbie Wasserman Schultz, Obama and Harry Reid because they are looking at us from so far, far off to the left they are about to go over the edge. Conservative principles are pretty mainstream when you look at the values of most Americans.
Well said! We are mothers and grandmothers, workers and retirees. Children in strollers being pushed along by their mothers who see the Constitution as a sacred document that underlies all law. Seeing our president break his oath to uphold the Constitution and re-write laws (his own laws for pete's sake!) is beyond belief.
Since Congress controls the "purse" I like how Brat shows by example how to control spending and still accomplish his goals. Perhaps he can show his new colleagues how it's done.
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The Prisoner Swap Deal

Love of Liberty Wrote: Jun 10, 2014 3:40 PM
Look at the education system today. 95% of professors donated to Obama. Tenured professors can use their classrooms to promote their own political agenda. They are on the hiring committees that hire more like-minded teachers. They are the "experts" who write the textbooks used in schools all over the country. They control the teacher unions who overwhelmingly donate to Democrat candidates. And they crank out generation after generation of journalists and education graduates who , frankly, are usually not the valedictorians of their high school class. They go into the grade schools equipped with biased textbooks and start the cycle all over again. Journalists learn to become stenographers and are mindful of what they write lest someone be offended-as they were taught.
I'm shocked, shocked! that the Taliban resorted to torture! Did he think they would just go off on picnics and sing Kumbaya (or the Arabic version of it)? Perhaps he thought he could join their ballet troupe? All these do-gooders think the Taliban ,or any enemy, are just like us and if we could only talk to them they would see reason. Bergdahl and his parents are delusional.
If college has "never been more important", as Obama states, why is it that too many college grads work at jobs not requiring a college degree? If they have jobs at all? Wasn't college supposed to get them a job? The union conveyor belt of "educators" , from kindergarten through graduate schools, are vastly overpaid for what they produce (unemployed graduates). The colleges , with their unending supply of college loan money, spend on lavish facilities like there is no tomorrow. Cut the spending and the borrowing will recede. And it wouldn't hurt to go back to 21 as the age of majority so you don't have all these 18 year old "adults" taking advice from the guidance counselors egging them on to go to expensive private colleges with debt.How can a kid still struggling with the ravages of acne and teen heartbreak make lucid decisions about borrowing $50,000 a year? If a 26 year old is still considered a child in terms of health insurance maybe that should be the voting age as well. Let parents get back in control and you will see more responsible decisions being made.
Close Gitmo? With the 5 most dangerous Taliban having been released to return to the fight against the West, we will now, more than ever, need to keep it open to accommodate future combatants. It will have to be expanded.
All Americans should visit the Normandy landing sites. While there a couple years ago, in a cafe at Arromanche les bains, near the British landing site, we saw a British tour bus parked outside. Then a very old gentleman wearing his black beret and with medals on his black coat walked a bit unsteadily, held by an equally elderly woman on returning to the bus. I could tell this was not his first trip to Normandy. Scenes like that and the endless crosses in the cemetery really put things in perspective.
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