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Tel l them they are right- Free speech should not be allowed- and then haul them off to jail for free speech offenses.
To all who support a $15 minimum wage---How about all those experienced workers who are making a $15 wage now? Will their wages go up ? Where does the money come from to do that? Or do they accept that their training and experience is worthless because they are now paid the equivalent of minimum wage? Same wage as the inexperienced new worker they will be training. Obama and his minions have no experience in the real world. Their fantasy economics will be a disaster. We can only hope Congress will not pass anything so stupid.
Let's hope this law will stop the school administrators and teachers from bullying students who don't toe the PC line. Those children who think for themselves and don't accept the man made global warming theory ,for instance. Those who refuse to go along with all the silly progressive nonsense that passes for education these days. Those who refuse to join in the "hijab days" . Or those who insist on calling that break at the end of December a Christmas vacation. The biggest bullies are the administrators. Will they be reined in?
The people are overwhelmingly in favor of the Keystone pipeline and the House and Senate are the voice of the people on this one. Obama will be vetoing, not a just a bill he dislikes but the majority of America. Obama's friend,Warren Buffet, has his trains hauling oil (instead of sending it through a pipeline) has got to be talked about too.
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School Choice: An American Value

Love of Liberty Wrote: Jan 30, 2015 9:52 AM
Americans have no problem with tax dollars being handed out for spending at private (and public) colleges and universities. So how can anyone argue that tax dollars can't be spent for private primary and secondary schools of the parents' choice????
Sounds like just local weather to me.
What does the market say? ..........What do people want?..............Are these things even considered in the progressives' "We know better than you what you want" world?
Right. The Second amendment certainly is not allowed.
The fall happened around Christmas time? And no "journalist" thought it important enough to report? Why the secrecy?
I just can't stand any more of his arrogance and tyranny. Government already squanders every dime it gets its hands on and now he wants MORE? Pay for the military and Constitutional basics and do away with all the money-grubbing bureaucracies starting with HUD,EPA, Education, Energy, Agriculture. These can all be managed at the state level. The Constitution is specific in what it allows the central government to do and is specific that all other duties belong to the states and the people. And he can fly commercial as many other world leaders do.
Are there any privileges left to being a legal American citizen???? Don't say voting because there are plenty of instances of illegals voting and of liberals who think not enough illegals vote. Every election I read stories about the poor non-citizens, living here and working here , who are not allowed to vote. I am sure they are allowed to vote------IN THEIR OWN COUNTRY!
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