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Yet Another Pre-School Program?

Love of Liberty Wrote: Mar 29, 2014 8:09 PM
You'd think mainstream broadcasters would be more sensitive than to use a pejorative to the descendent of slaves. The word "slave" is derived from "Slav", (the Polish are a Slavic people), due to the Tartar hordes that streamed in from the east and stole thousands of Slavic people . This was long before any African leader sold his fellow blacks to Muslim slave traders for bondage in the New World.
So sad that in 2014 it is the liberals who are stifling free speech . On a college campus, no less, where freedom to speak one's mind is so important that professors get tenured and have their right to free speech protect their jobs. But students are supposed to zip it unless they agree with the "liberally correct" speech.
It's funny how the whole Common Core concept is totally contrary to the Multi-Culti concept. Multiculturalists claim kids will learn more by being exposed to those different from themselves. Yet common Core assures every child will reach college with the same bank of knowledge. How much more enriching it would be if those college classrooms were filled with children who had different things to offer to debates? Right. They might become critical thinkers . Can't have that.
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Racist Elephants

Love of Liberty Wrote: Mar 17, 2014 7:01 PM
About 15 yeas ago when my daughter was in grade school, I went to pick her up only to find a Massai warrior standing, alone, in the gym where the kids gathered for pickup. (This is in rural Connecticut).I didn't know there had been a multi-culti assembly that day and this guy was in full regalia but quiet as anything, just standing there. Guess he was waiting for an elephant. Or a ride back to Africa.
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Poll: Shaheen: 50%; Brown: 41%

Love of Liberty Wrote: Mar 17, 2014 5:01 PM
Have to laugh at the "carpetbagging" claim. Hillary Clinton who not only had never run for public office , had never lived in New York, and hastily bought a house there so she could run for the Senate. And Democrats LOVED her for it. Didn't hear them whining she was a carpetbagger. The Browns already had a vacation home in New Hampshire. New England is small and many folks have a home in one state and a vacation home in another-not too far away.
Checkers? We're not even playing that. At least checkers is structured. Obama is playing international tiddlywinks with the little pieces being splayed all over the place.
Could a straight male and a straight female have a "gay marriage"? And if not why not?
Spending on Food Stamps is just buying votes. Political.
For a measly 3 million people who signed up for this unsustainable program we are going to capitulate and destroy the country? No way. Repeal the law. Let the private insurance companies dust off the plans they already had in place . Gather a list of people cancelled from those plans-I'm sure there is a list of them on their computers-and let them get back on board. Ask those people who signed up for Obamacare if they would prefer to go on Medicaid or buy a private plan in the private market. Most, after seeing how government sponsored plans, including Medicaid, offer few doctors, will go the private route. Tell those big "kids" that are on the parent's plan until age 26 they can grow up and be adults. Or maybe they shouldn't be allowed to vote at 18 if they are still "kids". Free the states from mandating free medical screenings. People will shop around or not be so cavalier about scheduling unnecessary medical visits when they have to pay for that colonoscopy out of pocket.
The Soviets used this top down control method. Worked well for them, didn't it?
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