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Obama's decree will let them file for previous years as well. Four years I believe. Let's hope we get a strong Republican president (are you listening, Scott Walker?) who will not be intimidated by these left-wing fringe groups and will use all that info they provided to Obama to aid in their removal. And for pete's sake can we put the border patrol at the border and not miles inland????
One of the hardest things to do is to open the paper and read the stories that aren't there.
Could someone please hand these gals a calendar? They seem to think we are still in the 1960's just because they practice 1960's politics.
On the bright side, she is setting a precedent for other First Ladies to be imprisoned (like Michelle O. for thinking she and she alone can dictate what kids eat in school.)
Curiosity about a candidate's teenage years and college education seems to only be newsworthy as long as the candidate's name isn't Barack Hussein Obama. Anyone locate his college records yet?.... crickets..... Is anyone even interested as to why they are locked away? Normally when something is forbidden it makes it all the more curious as to why. Or do they just accept that Obama was adopted by Lolo Sotero and applied to college as a foreign student- in order to get accepted more easily? Being a foreign student would also make transferring to Columbia easier. Colleges love to check those boxes for "diversity". Color? check. Foreign student? Check. Once in the Ivy League getting into Harvard was easier-especially since they, too, could now check those "diversity" boxes. The joke is on all of them because his ideas and philosophy is no more diverse than any of the other students or faculty. Bunch of sheep in an echo chamber.
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Damaging Admissions

Love of Liberty Wrote: Feb 17, 2015 7:16 AM
Actually he governs just like the president of the PTA. What usually happens is the head of the PTA has some connection to the teaching staff- asks them what they would like (money) from the PTA. They bring it to a vote and the sheep (rank and file members) vote unanimously for whatever was suggested. I stopped going when I saw how it worked,. There was no place for dissent. It was not about improving education-it was all about raising money to supplement the already bloated education budget.
Since special interest groups have changed the meaning of the word "marriage" (which will soon evolve to mean polygamy-mark my word), I propose some restaurant start serving "turkey sandwiches" made of bacon and bread (but no turkey). After all, why should we rely on tradition ? Just because our grandparents said a turkey sandwich was made with turkey doesn't mean more modern definitions should be ignored. Get with it. Words can now mean whatever you want.
We can only hope the ghosts of Ben Franklin, George Washington Thomas Jefferson and all the other honorable forefathers will guide these modern-day politicians to discover the country has a Constitution that all their legislation is supposed to be based on. And it was a Declaration of "Independence" , not "Dependence" as so many of them seem to think. I can dream, can't I?
The Hollywood liberals who go on Oprah and other such shows to rant against vaccinations are like pied pipers, leading their liberal sycophants along to disease and illness. Conservatives aren't following the Jenny McCarthys of daytime TV.
Tel l them they are right- Free speech should not be allowed- and then haul them off to jail for free speech offenses.
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