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Idiots!!!! Walker has done so much for Wisconsin and now they want a dimowit to undo everything!!!!
F off, Pelosi!!!! We want the TRUTH to come out about Benghazi, not more LIES!
It is their LOSS!!!! What a bunch of leftist commie jerks! They would probably rather listen to Killary's lies!!!
Why would anyone believe ANYTHING this man says???
Bossy, bossy, bossy bossy, bossy!!!!!!! Oh give me a break!!!!
Too little, too late!!!
You just can't make this stuff up!!!!!! pmsnbc is so irrelevant, who in the wide, wide world of sports even watches????
A totally awesome Mom!!! God bless her for choosing LIFE!!!! Molly Anne is an amazing young woman!!!!
God Bless our Veterans and God Bless America!!!!
Wake up, Hanks!!!! Obama is not our friend!!!
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