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Scott, are you trying to pick an argument for argument's sake? It was pretty obvious to anyone that I was responding to the author's inane accusation and yet you ask what I'm "blithering" about so I can only conclude that you are purposely trying to start an argument!
Nah, Scott, you are the one blithering. I am simply responding to Doug Giles inane accusation that we're giving Islam a pass.
No one is giving anyone a pass! You don't hear us calling them out on venues like this because they are not the ones trying to deny us our Civil Rights! Unlike Iran and places like that America is NOT a theocracy and we won't let it become one, and as such your religious beliefs cannot be allowed to infringe on our rights! We lobby against Islamic country’s barbaric treatment of their LGBT population but that is in other venues through human rights organizations and helping to support our LGBT brothers and sisters in those countries where they are even more oppressed than in America! This is not about comparing extreme Islam with Christianity. Of course extreme Islam is worse, no one ever denied that. But we don’t stop fighting for our rights in America just because other countries have it even worse off so don’t insult your own intelligence by attempting to go down that path!
You are missing the point. No one is asking the baker to provide any product he does not provide to everyone else. Anyone else can order a chocolate cake with any wording or picture the couple wants. If that is a service they provide then they cannot refuse to do the same for a same sex couple. If a couple asks for a type of cake the baker simply does not provide then of course they can refuse. But a chocolate cake is a chocolate cake regardless of any words or pictures.
"Then you must believe that the bakery can't refuse to bake a cake bearing the legend "Kill Whitey." Is that right? " Why do you insist on asking an inane question is response to a perfectly valid question? After all in we certainly do have a history of those with religious beliefs that being an interracial couple is a sin!
Joycey: " That is exactly what the ANTI-CHRIST is prophesied to do. If you do not turn away from God and agree with us you will lose your ability to buy and sell. " No one has asked anyone to turn away from their god! Your 1st amendment rights are not being violated. You can refuse all you want in your church, religious organization, private religious club, etc. No one questions that. What you cannot do is refuse to follow the law when running a business that provides service to the PUBLIC. That is not a new concept or law. What you are asking for is special rights to violate non-discrimination laws in a public business.
Matt: then you must think that the bakery can refuse to bake a cake with a picture of an interracial couple because it violates their religious beliefs. Is that right?
Your slippery slope nonsense ship has already sailed and the courts were no more impressed than I am! You certainly don't seem to understand non-discrimination laws and how they work. Your stuck on the fact that at that time Colorado did not recognize or allow same sex couples to marry. The bakery was NOT slapped down for not recognizing their marriage.. They were slapped down because they refused to provide service to a same sex couple...e.g., it violated the non-discrimination laws against discriminating against LGBT people.! A couple does not have to be married to order a wedding cake. They can order anything they want..that is the 2nd thing you don't seem to understand.
"you are to be pitied, you self centeredness, your selfishness, your need to demand the rest of us accept and approve your life-choices..." And we don't need or even desire your approval. That is a tired lie from people on your side. You can think we are sinning and going to he** all you want, we could care less.
One can just as easily say it's against their beliefs to bake a cake with a picture of an interracial couple. They wouldn't be allowed to get away with that either.
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