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Whistle While You're Raped

LouisianaMan225 Wrote: Feb 26, 2013 9:47 PM
USMC, I would be pleased to see my wife and daughters cleaning their .38's for the next go-round, but actually I've worked hard to train them to reload immediately and stay ready. Too much chance that the BG's friends will arrive before the police. (And of course I also want the girls to police up their brass--I'm an avid reloader:-) Here in West Feliciana Parish, I'd expect the police to compliment the ladies highly for doing a thorough job, and they'd probably all be talking about deer hunting by the time I get home. That would be a great time to clean guns, actually.

Freshman lawmaker Joe Salazar, (D. Thornton) became an embarrassing distraction for the liberal juggernaut in Colorado last week when he blurted out what he really thinks of the Second Amendment, the right of self defense, and the faculties of women in peril.

Hint: His views are appalling. As backlash developed, Salazar offered a defensive, non-apology. Then, the liberal power structure went into a defensive goal-line line crouch to contain the damage. The whole drama offers a two act play: embarrassment, then farce.

Embarrassment hit when Salazar argued women should be barred from bearing arms for self defense on...