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Bear, you're absolutely right. The hits just keep on comin', don't they?
No worries--Al Qaeda is on the run, remember? The Great and Powerful Oz vanquished them. What a colossal act of foolishness it was to make such a statement!!!!!!
BHO is pretty low on evidence of all sorts, isn't he? Only smoke, mirrors, a PDF birth certificate that uses fonts invented when he was about 30 years old; no school transcripts or flight manifests (Indonesia to Hawaii for the week he was born); etc. etc.
Rose, I'm praying that the Great Director in the Sky has written that into the script of this horrible, endless, 8-year movie that feels like a thousand years.
Hey, but Dubya got better grades in school than Obama! Oh wait. . .we really can't say for sure, can we???? I really hate this movie. . . .
It's a measure of the insanity we consider "normal" that Mr. Blackwell even has to offer this explanation of the obvious. Where to even begin??? I'll just tell the Jerry Springer fans out there that all you have to do is pay attention to who conducts terror, murder, kidnapping, intentional targeting of innocents, hijackings, celebration of 9-11 as a "victory" etc. etc. When's the last time that Israeli soldiers infiltrated an Arab country, took over a school, and gunned down all the children? Never. When have Israeli hijackers slit the throats of aircrew and then flown airliners full of people into buildings full of people? Never. When have Israeli raiders penetrated Arab borders, closed in on a pizza parlor, and grenade it, spraying survivors with automatic weapons? Never. Who does these things decade after decade, year after year, every chance they get? Who celebrates these atrocities as manhood-affirming achievements? Who celebrates with overwhelming emotion whenever Westerners get wiped out en masse, by anybody, in any way, for any reason? Who tortures the helpless and struts around to brag about it? Yes, yes, it's THE OTHER GUYS. How would even the dumbest, numbest, low information voter react if Mexicans, displaced by American expansion/conquest 175 years ago, bombed, rocketed, tortured, raped, murdered, and celebrated the deaths of every American they could kill, man, woman & child? "NUKE 'EM BACK TO THE STONE AGE!!!!!!!" That's about as bluntly, plainly, and simply as I can explain it, but it shows the truth of the matter accurately. Anybody who believes differently just because reporters swoop down and show every Arab civilian casualty they can find--legitimate or fake-- is a walking advertisement for raising the voting age to 25 or 30, and basing suffrage on basic literacy, property ownership ("skin in the game"), and basic knowledge of American history and government. Class dismissed.
Yes, yes, a thousand times yes! This is exactly the leverage held by the so-called Republican-run HoR, so whyinhell won't they use it???? Let me guess--they fear being labeled "obstructionists." Newsflash to Boehner: Obama has labeled you "obstructionist" for years and will continue to do so. And his True Believers will believe. The rest of us out here are DYING to have you represent our interests with effective action, not merely a few "tut-tut" comments into a practically dead microphone. Boehner, this isn't slow-pitch. Either play hardball or get off the field and hit the showers. Obama's standing on the plate like he owns you--so throw him some "chin music." If he won't step back, throw behind him. I hope you know enough baseball to understand, but maybe you're just a golf-and-fake-tan guy. Ms. West has kindly, clearly and mildly shown you the way. I'll just add this final comment: "grow a pair." The country is at stake!!!!
I can only presume that Obama means that he is not prepared to give a speech there, nor assess the situation on the ground and decide upon actions, meet with interested parties, etc. So to him, it's just a photo op. And he doesn't want to be bothered. The fact that his country's southern border is in crisis isn't enough to get his butt down there. The idea that he should see and be seen amidst the chaos he invited into our country is irrelevant to him.
I've replied twice, w/o it appearing. TH, please...! Anyway, I stand absolutely by my first statement, that the Founders risked the very thing that Bowyer would not. By no means did they have a sure thing, but they had a huge problem and believed they'd exhausted less aggressive solutions. Bowyer counsels a need for certainty of outcomes first, when such is not and cannot be unachievable. I don't need to re-read the Declaration, but you may need to review the Constitution. Just because these destroyers were elected, doesn't mean that Americans did--or could--accept outright anti-constitutional behavior. Lastly, I think that our States and the US House of Reps have left a lot of aggressive options on the table. Or in the closet. Or the attic. The House could do a lot with the power of the purse; instead, we have Boehner making tepid comments. State governors could do a lot more, but aren't willing to seriously rock the boat. State legislative bodies rarely stand up on their hind legs. And in all of that we are indeed complicit, because we collectively haven't gotten them to undertake significant countermeasures or even explain the problems convincingly to Americans. But I know that millions of Americans have burned up the phone lines, signed petitions, written letters and emails. . .and are arming themselves to the teeth because they see little action being taken to reinstate Constitutional government and operate as a Federal Republic, rather than an anti-Constitutional, unitary, centralized state. Tens of millions of Americans are so fed up with the lack of resistance to Obama, that we've ravaged arms & ammo supplies like a plague of locusts, and everywhere you turn you see discussions like this one, mooting the ultimate sanction of armed revolt. And this is by people who have supported Constitutional government their whole lives, not by the Alinsky-ites.
TH "refreshed" away my nearly-complete reply, so here's a briefer version. I do NOT advocate armed revolution at this point: Boehner/House and State governors could oppose many of Obama's dictates if they were willing to get aggressive and imaginatively so. THAT is my favored solution. Not simply twiddling our thumbs and hoping the next election makes things better. We the People need our Reps and Senators to fight this barrage of unconstitutional actions by the Exec branch. We indeed voted for whomever, but that doesn't constitute positive approval of the patently illegal actions that have poured down on our heads. And if we cannot get some relief from unconstitutional acts thru constitutional means of resistance, the time comes for extra-constitutional action to restore our Social Compact, aka the Constitution. And if we can't achieve that for the entire country, we need to look aggressively at secession or amputation. Finally, I pointed out that the Founders KNEW they were rolling the dice. Modern assessments tend to credit 1/3 of colonists as pro-revolution, 1/3 against, 1/3 undecided. The Founders knew they didn't have a sure thing, but believed the Crown's abuses could not be opposed effectively through further legal maneuvering, and that it was nonetheless better to risk revolution than further submit to abuses of their "rights of Englishmen." That is precisely where Mr. Bowyer and I disagree: he dismisses armed revolt as too risky on its face, whereas I think it may yet be necessary and preferable to submission. I'd PREFER effective, aggressive, imaginative political resistance be taken to the max first. What I cannot tolerate is the House and States accepting supinely the outrages committed against us daily.
Mr. Bowyer, thank God our Founders weren't as timorous as you, demanding proof of success before undertaking the Declaration of Independence. We are not "peasant hordes" seeking to kill kings--we're American citizens who demand our Constitution be enforced! It's high time for the States to put their creation--the Federal government--back in its place. We either re-impose the "Law of the Land" in DC or we separate from Washington DC and recreate our country among like-minded States, allowing "Dreamer" States to go their own way. If you prefer, we don't secede; rather, we amputate the lawless States from our body politic. The long list of "injuries and usurpations" inflicted on us by this regime would dwarf the original Declaration! Washington DC has become destructive of our life, liberty, and pursuit of happiness, and this king of ours is ignoring, violating, and destroying our Constitution, while other branches of government either assist him or wring their hands impotently. Either way, they are de facto complicit in the Obama-led coup by the Executive Branch of our government.
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