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Welcome to Public Relations 101

LouisianaMan225 Wrote: Aug 23, 2014 9:56 AM
Go get 'em, Mike! Bravo! Your response to their clumsily-executed PR ambush was in accordance with classic US Army doctrine for "Respond to a Near Ambush." Since you were engaged by them at close range in an engagement area (kill zone) of their own choosing, you would have been (1) shot to pieces if you'd simply dropped to the ground and returned fire, and (2) shot in the back if you'd tried to run away, thereby "dying tired" and adding insult to energy. Instead, you turned into the source of the fire and assaulted it at high speed and with maximum firepower. Very dangerous proposition of course, especially against an ambush carefully prepared by a tough, seasoned enemy, but at least there's a chance that you can seize the initiative & turn the tables, making them more interested in breaking contact (aka "hauling a$$") than in reloading and pouring a massive volume of fire into you as you wriggle around in their kill zone. Against a less capable opponent such as Bryan College's PR firm, your immediate action counterambush drill instantly and totally regained the initiative, paralyzed them with surprise and fear as they immediately became the prey, rather than the predator. Maybe a chastened, shocked few escaped to fight another day, but now they're more worried about what you'll do to them, rather than what they'll do to you. They belatedly realize that they have just paid a shocking price for their cultural illiteracy. Anybody who has read your work over the years, as I have, recognizes that your response was simply SOP for Dr. Mike, but those lightweights never realized they were ditty-bopping into a heavyweight bout, to change the metaphor. Too bad they took a wrong turn coming out of their gender-immaterial locker room. It's a lick on 'em! Dr. Mike, you're an inspiration to the rest of us out here in the hinterlands, as we do sentry takedowns against the gender-confused progs, addled by their witches' brew of mindless PC slogans and unexamined beliefs. Again: thanks for your leadership by example!
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Meet the Cops Who Gave Their Lives

LouisianaMan225 Wrote: Aug 15, 2014 12:11 PM
Right, You're RIGHT! These things play out in such a farcical manner that I'd laugh if I weren't crying (for my dying country)
People who don't wish to pray at a public event don't have to, but they can have enough class to wait respectfully while others do. When did common sense become so damned hard? Now Islam is a bit of a sticky wicket. It is an undeniable article of that faith to subjugate non-Muslim monotheists, and eradicate polytheists. So, I don't intend to listen to them broadcasting their prayers in a foreign language in my country, knowing that they are liable to be calling for the destruction of my culture & country. I would likewise have a problem with Christians or Jews giving some double-barreled prayer at a public event, calling for the eradication of non-believers, etc. On the other hand, I would have no problem with anybody's peaceful prayers. If two Jewish private schools played a football game, I'd behave respectfully if they offered a Jewish prayer. If some school or schools had a very large contingent of Muslim students, I wouldn't mind if they had a prayer before the game, and I'd behave respectfully as they did so. Since this country was founded within a Judaeo-Christian culture, however, I'd expect any public Muslim prayer to be non-hostile to this country's long traditions. And if some schools started having prayers by every-damn-body who wanted to howl at the moon in the name of religious freedom, I wouldn't attend the game. Anybody who doesn't understand what the Constitution says in prohibiting Congress from establishing any religion, is either an ignoramus or they're being deliberately obtuse. Anybody who knows any history should understand perfectly well what is meant by an "established religion," and some coaches praying with players simply bears no resemblance whatsoever to that. I'm a bare-bones Christian who believes in God, prays for his guidance, but does little else with religion, but the militant atheists are utterly corrosive and irritate the hell out of me. They have no business trying to abolish the practice of religion, and they're utterly blind to the irony that they themselves are practicing a faith: disbelief in God. This stuff should be pretty simple, but the idiots who tried to overthrow American culture in the 1960's have poisoned the well so badly that I can hardly drink the water here anymore. I pray for sanity to return to my country, and keep my powder dry.
Of all the hundreds or thousands of enigmatic or dissembling statements Obama has made, that one has always struck me as the most worrisome. And that's saying a lot! Simply amazing that nobody has ever held him to strict account on that statement. Like you, I always suspected he meant some sort of brownshirted private army. The closest thing I've seen to that is the whole Homeland Security/TSA shebang. . . . I think that Obama's gun sales achievements have been so great because regular Americans think: (1) he may "sic" the LIVs on the rest of us, at least at selected places and times; (2) he may try to use the myriad Federal alphabet agencies against us in some way; (3) he may try to use the military against us; (4) he engineered a border security collapse that clearly puts us in danger, especially those who live near the border; (5) he's always been likely to pull some communist (or simply corrupt) financial hooliganism that collapses our financial system or economy (or both), causing widespread disorder spearheaded by the LIVs; (6) he's shown all along that he'll do anything he can to limit civilian access to guns--I think the only thing staying his hand is the certain knowledge that gun confiscation will cause a revolution. I've probably left out a few other good reasons, too.
Hey, he can move into the White House now--nobody else is using it!
Frisky Willy should go back to memorizing the "Protocols of the Elders of Zion" and "Mein Kampf." Willy would fit in far better with the Czarist Secret Police and/or Hitler and his brownshirts than with us. "Money makes the world go 'round"; "ze Juden have all ze money"; therefore the Zionist cabal rules the world"--exactly the kind of simplistic, envy- and hate-based logic that libtards can get their minds around. Yet they claim that conservatives are the racists. . . .
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Hamas' Triumph

LouisianaMan225 Wrote: Jul 25, 2014 11:49 PM
Let's see now: Islamist terrorists attack a free country (and American ally) indiscriminately, for years on end, decade after miserable decade, and Obama takes ISRAEL to task over casualties???? The truth is plain to see, and it never changes, but Obama and his ideological henchmen act like the Israelis are the problem. My God, what an absolute disgrace.
Really timely, isn't it? Why wasn't this taken care of long ago? 9-11 happened in 2001, for God's sake. It feels like I'm trapped in an insane asylum whenever I look at the Federal government. Talk about "stuck on stupid." I appreciate Bachmann--my complaint is NOT with her.
I feel so helplessly tortured by the long list of Obama's lies and crimes, that I WELCOME his DHS trying to use their massive ammo stockpiles against Americans. I'll be happy to take the gloves off. Personal survival is secondary, because our country is dying--it is being murdered before our very eyes. When these millions of illegals settle in, the country we inherited is DONE, and won't be worth living in anyway.
CHRIST ALMIGHTY, Congress, DO SOMETHING ALREADY!!!!!!! Every day, every column, dozens and scores and hundreds of comments with specifics, millions of letters, FAXes and emails. Boehner, get off your sorry butt and ACT. God#%^>~||{}%^**'mit!!!!!!
You're exactly right. You've got 5 years on me, but I too am absolutely flabbergasted by every one of the unprecedented facts you list. . .and that so many of our fellow Americans seem to think it's all okay. And that our "political leaders" do nothing effective to put a stop to this utter disregard of Constitution, laws, and heritage, and of the social, economic, and political foundations of our entire society.
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