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r27, tell your friend to come down South to see you. Why should you have to go that far behind enemy lines to visit your friend, when he or she can cross the border and escape?
It's interesting in another regard: by the 1950s-1960's, black citizens got absolutely sick to death of being denied the basic respect due them as citizens, both legally/officially and privately, and many decided that demanding their rights under law now trumped being "comfortable," and going along just to get along. Today, Constitutionalists are feeling a similar desperation, as the "system" seems rigged against us everywhere we turn for relief. In the name of "progressivism," others may attack us at will, always figuratively and often even literally. When we protest, we get the "blame the victim" treatment, and we're told to shut up, and to go along to get along. People who live in this country--not necessarily even "Americans" anymore--better wake up and realize that we Constitutional conservatives are passing through a phase of "civil disobedience" and we're about to start exercising what I'll call "Constitutional disobedience." In other words, we're getting ready to start shooting Reds, if not Redcoats. Read any comments posted on any political site, column, or article, and see how sick & tired we've become of watching our Social Compact, the Constitution, overturned and illegally used against us. We aren't bound to tolerate unconstitutional acts and laws; as a matter of fact, at some point it becomes our duty to protect the Constitution by force. That time is nigh, America.
Silas, I wish I could believe you're joking, but I'm pretty sure you aren't.
Indeed, their conception of themselves as "elites" who lead the masses. . .is directly out of Lenin's playbook. That idea was the very core of "Leninism," as in "Marxism-Leninism." Once again, libtards fail to see that we understand them better than they understand themselves.
Doug, Funny column, and sadly true. What's really crazy is that each point brings a laugh, and then the thought: "Wait. . .in Obamaland, that would actually work!" I pray we make it back to the right side of the looking glass.
This fiasco rested, and still rests, squarely on JFK's shoulders. He was a lightweight at best, and his so-called "Camelot" administration was a precursor of today's nonsense: dithering, calculating, blundering, and worried about how to spin the deaths of brave men they put in harm's way. Kennedy should have been impeached for the Bay of Pigs betrayal, plus the subsequent PR game in which he spun "victory" out of the secret deal he made with the Russians to withdraw our nukes from Turkey. All we were told about was that his blockade faced down the Russians. . .not that we also guaranteed them the safety of a puppet Communist government in the western hemisphere. Not to speak of how he bungled his way through the Diem coup in South Vietnam, while committing us reluctantly and piecemeal there (with lots of subsequent "help" from LBJ). But hey, he looked "cool" while achieving all these disasters, and still managed to spend more time with Hollywood starlets than 0bama does on the links. Camelot, my foot. More like Oz.
Surely I missed the irony and sarcasm in the "senior official's" explanation that we are calibrating our response with. . .socks????? With any other administration in American history, I'd know the answer, but not with this one. Maybe they believe it. Godalmighty, when does this bad movie end?
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The Great Divide in America

LouisianaMan225 Wrote: Apr 13, 2014 2:11 PM
Matt, you nailed it. As I read the column, I stopped waiting for a punchline and realized that he was serious. He thinks the joke is on the lib he met, and appears completely innocent of any understanding of how we view him. "Pretentious" doesn't seem adequate. Saddest part is that you're also correct in pointing out that he and his self-styled upper crust Republicans choose our loser candidates.
Disagree with your basic premise that we should elect someone based on their "flavor" to prove that we have certain "attitudes" about race, color and creed. That is a typical ivory tower lib/prog/red assumption, and it sets the tone of everything we now say, do, and think. If you want to have a group hug and sing Kumbaya, go ahead, but don't elect a president on such unserious "reasoning." This represents the feminization of America in one of its most inane and dangerous forms.
Give 'em Kalifornia and good riddance. Fight to the last ditch for Texas :-)
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Obama's a 'Colossal Sick Joke'

LouisianaMan225 Wrote: Mar 20, 2014 7:57 PM
VERY well-put!
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