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Libs and their irrational hypocrisy, chapter 10,000,001: "Women are soooooooo equal to men." "Don't get a gun, honey, because a bad man will just take it from you [you incompetent fool] and kill you with it." "Watch out! It's the nasty conservatives waging a war on women." "You brainless, emotional dolts will swallow any BS line we put out, so just keep voting for Uncle Sugar Daddy."
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Treading Water

LouisianaMan225 Wrote: Jan 13, 2015 8:58 PM
I agree with every point in the column, but simply must comment on a topic that I'd rather ignore: GRAMMAR & SYNTAX. I don't think I've ever seen anything quite like it. Incomplete sentences everywhere. One after the other. An unending stream. Completely disregarding our language's rules. Perhaps appearing edgy and contemporary to some. But simply maddening to me. And probably to others. Many of whom have begged TH for years to focus some attention on editing. And other similar things. If you know what I mean. Not the world's greatest myself. Nonetheless better than this column.
conservative, CAPITALIST peasants, that is
Precisely. Our Progs see themselves as Lenin's "revolutionary vanguard," leading us proletarians to a communist Utopia. After all, Lenin saw this vanguard as the ones who could mobilize the normally conservative, reactionary peasantry in favor of revolution. In our case, the Progs just have to get us conservative peasants to get with the program.
Ferguson and its ilk resemble the attack on the USS Cole, the bombing of the World Trade. center, the bombing of Khobar Towers. They're already waging war. We're trying to appease or ignore them, or even actively or implicitly supporting them.
War is the second-worst thing that can happen in certain situations. The absolute worst? Surrender, defeat, the triumph of evil. Al-Quaeda was at war with us long before we recognized that we might need to wage war in defense of ourselves and our civilization. In Ferguson, we watched large elements of our citizenry openly plan, threaten, justify, publicize, and incite riots, looting and arson. The forces of law and order were leashed, partly from fear of offending the rioters and certainly "causing" the spread of disorder; and partially because our President and Attorney General made clear that societal self-protection would not be supported by the Executive branch of government. We're at low-level war right now, but we pretend we're not, or are too ignorant to notice.
More substantively, I'll note that it is absolutely right and proper that we tried this raid. I know that I would rather die hearing the screams of dying jihadis and shouts of onrushing American troops, rather than to be ritually butchered by smiling ghouls who relish slaughtering the helpless in front of a videocamera. At least this raid sent 7 or so of these disgusting fanatics to Hell without further delay. The Fortunes of War still obtain, however much our chattering classes have convinced themselves that warfare is something conducted dispassionately by techs in white lab coats, sitting in air-conditioned rooms in front of high-tech video monitors. These suits are the lineal descendants of McNamara's Whiz Kids, and we know where they got us.
Mentioned already, but I'll pile on: TH, post this under a new headline!!! TH really needs to do something about editing in general, as thousands of commenters have noted. This headline, however, wouldn't cut the mustard even in a high school English class exercise.
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Ferguson Rules of Engagement

LouisianaMan225 Wrote: Nov 21, 2014 11:49 AM
I trust that the citizens of the greater St. Louis area aren't "scared," but rather "outraged" by the threats being shoved into their faces. For a long time now, but especially during the past 6 years, it's been crystal clear that we are on our own once the rioters, looters, robbers and killers take to the streets en masse. If anyone's been paying attention during the past 6 years, the unprecedented spike in sales of guns, ammo, combat equipment and reloading components has been outfitting people who are preparing to defend themselves, their property, their towns, their neighbors, even their policemen against any and all comers. We have been preparing to defend our entire way of life, it just hasn't been entirely clear how that will have to be done. If it takes arms and ammunition to defend it, well, the bad guys had better back off, because we've got PLENTY. And at some point, practically speaking, it could get to the point that "offense is the best defense." I hope the agitators and their rabble don't lose sight of that reality.
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Ferguson, the Verdict is….

LouisianaMan225 Wrote: Nov 16, 2014 10:10 AM
Talk about jury tampering, huh? "If you find No True Bill, there WILL be violent riots across the country and there WILL be plenty of 'White Girl bleed a lot' incidents. Ferguson will burn, 'hoods across the country may burn, and lots of Asian shopkeepers will be abandoned to fight for their lives and property against black mobs. The DOJ WILL investigate everything that every grand juror has ever said and done, and will publicize names, chapter & verse of anything you may have done wrong in your life. The President of the United States WILL say that your grand jury deliberations were stupid, ill-advised, and/or tainted by latent institutional racism. Now...are you SURE you don't want to look at that evidence a little harder to see if there's any possible way you can justify finding a True Bill? That'll kick the can down the road a ways and put the pressure on 12 jurors, none of whom are YOU.
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