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And the world is supposed to take her seriously when there is so little about her that is genuine anymore? Wait, that is no dimple on her chin, it's her navel.
In order for Pathological Liars, i.e., Williams, Clinton, All of them, to survive they must be surrounded and buttressed by Pathological Enablers.
What kind of arrogance is it that these people sincerely believe they can lie and eventually not get caught? The only thing he and what's her name.....Hillary....are ever sorry for is that they were exposed for the lying low lives that they are.
This woman needs to be summarily B O R K ed. Do Senate Republicans have the stones to do it? Wishful thinking.
Behave like adults. Enforce the rules. Send this tantrumming 2 year old to his room.
All you need to do is go to the Reno Gazette Journal or the Las Vegas Sun and review the mug shots and how the overwhelming majority are Hispanic.
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