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Ron Paul and the Fed

Louis200 Wrote: May 08, 2012 12:22 PM
Chairman Reince Priebus violated RNC Rule 11 when he declared Romney the "presumptive nominee" and shattered it entirely when he said, "It's beyond an endorsement. It is a complete merger wherein the RNC is putting all of its resources and energy behind Mitt Romney to be the next president of the United States." If the RNC does not abide by ITS OWN RULES regarding nominee selection, in what way is this election not a complete farce? We've all seen the anti-Paul bias first hand, but now to disobey their own rules? By the CHAIRMAN? If Paul "has no chance", what do they fear? If Romney IS "presumptive" why hasn't HE spoken up about this disgraceful breach of rules, which at best will hand him a nomination that is completely dishonest and su
Don't drink the kool-aid. This isn't about black and white and hasn't been since the story broke. This is about building support to repeal stand your ground laws, which is a vital step in disarming the populace. The plain and simple fact is the police can't help you - they've never been able to. The police are for hunting down and punishing people who have ALREADY committed a crime. Further, over 90% of the crimes they 'solve' are solved due to a witness identifying the criminal. That being said, are you REALLY comfortable leaving your family without protection of any sort? Is it REALLY going to make you feel better that their killers are punished? Not me - I'd rather they didn't die, thank you. Also, an ARMED citizenry is a POLITE one.
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