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Thinking Outside the Education Box

Louis112 Wrote: Apr 15, 2013 10:29 AM
Yes, not everyone benefits from education. Even though he attended the most prestigious prep school in Hawaii and and graduated form two Ivy League universities, the president still doesn't know how many states there are.
Fell asleep during meeting with Pope- The Pope was boring. Made Ed Meese his attorney general.- A decent, honorable, patriotic American, which Eric Holder is not. Quit governing after Iran-contra, forcing Jim Baker to act as defacto president- Ridiculous, but from your warped point of view, why is that a bad thing? Compared to Reagan's shames, Obama is squeaky clean- Reagan restored hope and prosperity to the U. S., while Obama is a lawless president, creating despair and running roughshod over the Constitution Furthermore, I don't believe that you're a god
I feel that a response to this nonsense is necessary: Iran-contra- Ripped off the ayatollahs to free hostages from Lebanon, then used the profits to impede Soviet imperialism in Central America, given the green light by treasonous Democrat comgressmen Lebanon peacekeepers disaster- You're against peace? Implemented a mistaken liberal policy, which I opposed. Bittburg Cemetery ceremony- You hold a grudge for a long time. Are you still angry at the British because of the War of 1812? Appeasement of Salvadoran rightwing death squads- Providentially, helped to bring peace and democracy to one of the least likely places on Earth. Your side losing in Central America was just the prelude to your side losing the Cold War.
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