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Time for the Religious to Pay Their Fair Share

Louie13 Wrote: Sep 20, 2012 10:04 AM
Good article Benjaman. You report: “Rubio and Monti are only two of many officials in cash-strapped European nations and cities who are beginning to view the Catholic Church as their ticket to solvency.” Actually, that is just their excuse, they know better. As long as you continually spend more than you take in, solvency is impossible, you only dig yourself into a deeper and deeper hole. And the powers-that-be know that; they know very well what they are doing. The bankrupting of Europe is just part of the Illuminati plan to bring Europe down, just as the bankrupting of America is part of brining America down. And the “ticket to solvency” thing is just a ploy. The taxing of Churches is part of their war against God and Judeo-Christianity.
Louie13 Wrote: Sep 20, 2012 10:05 AM
The Catholic prophecies foretell, by the way, that the outlawing of Catholic schools in France by the government of France will presage a Revolution that will break out in France. This new French Revolution, which will be instigated by the Marxists, will be the prelude to the Third World War, and will prepare the way for the invasion of France by Marxist Russia and her Marxist and Muslim allies.

There is a movement underway in Europe to remove the tax exemptions churches have enjoyed for centuries.

In Spain and Italy this attempt is being broadly pursued, while in Britain it is being done piecemeal.

For example, in Spain and Italy the special tax status of churches and their ministries are being openly targeted by political leaders who want to get their hands into church coffers.

Ricardo Rubio, a city councilman in Alcala de Henares, Spain, says he, and those who share his view, “want to make a statement that the costs of the...