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The Nuclear Situation Nobody is Talking About

Louie13 Wrote: Oct 24, 2012 1:51 PM
One final note: I read of a natural deposit of Uranium in Africa that was so concentrated that it was undergoing natural fission. Furthermore, the heat from the center of the earth, you know, which keeps much of the rock in the Earth molten, is generated by nuclear. Heavy elements, such as Iron, nickle, and Uranium, settle to the core of the Earth, and the Uranium undergoes slow fission. So when one taps into geothermal heat from guisers , for example, one is indirectly tapping into this fission source. Louie

We're in a new era. I call it the era of scarcity.

Around the world, literally billions of people are all fighting for the same limited resources.

Once you burn a barrel of oil or a ton of coal, it's gone forever. Demand keeps going up, and supplies keep shrinking, leading to steady price increases for these expiring resources. 

But that's not a reason to fear. It's an opportunity to profit. And right now, there's a situation of scarcity that almost no one is talking about. Yet the consequences could be felt by every American. And only savvy investors who are...