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Parenthood Debate Obscures The Real Questions

Louie13 Wrote: Jul 21, 2012 8:42 PM
During this war, Europe and then America will be invaded, overcome, and virtually depopulated, their cities destroyed, which will mark the end of the American Republic. A nation cannot wage war against God, murder over 55 million of its infants, promote a plague of homosexuality, and on and on, without eventually bringing the wrath of God down upon itself and the world. God has been patient, but his justice will not sleep forever. Louie

"It's Time for Mark Regnerus to Get Collectively Dumped," read one online headline. The outrage was in response to a study that Regnerus, a professor in the department of sociology at the University of Texas, Austin, released earlier this summer. His crime? Doing research on the effects of same-sex parenting on children. The shamelessness of the blogosphere's eruption turned outrageous when an activist in New York wrote to the university, accusing Regnerus of "using misinformation in an attempt to hurt others," prompting the university to open an ethics investigation.

Reading the whole of Regnerus' work, one doesn't get the impression he wants...