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Meet a New Civil Rights Heroine

TheEpic95 Wrote: May 30, 2012 5:33 PM
rauljg6: Duh! There are sometimes birth or health complications where the child has to be seperated from the mother bofore it is old enough that it would be likly survive in order to give the mother, or even both, a chance to live. That is still called aboriton by idiot liberals who like to blur lines, but it isn't because one is willful distruction of human life, the other is a unfortunate side effect to saving human life. Doctors should still do everything they can to preseve the lives of both patients, but in situations like that, the child's survival isn't always possible.

Lila Rose calls the battle to stop abortion “the greatest civil rights movement ever,” but it’s a fight the 23-year-old seems to be winning.


From Townhall Magazine's June feature, "A New Civil Rights Heroine," by Dan Gainor:

She’s a 5’4”, sweet 23-year-old who could easily look much younger with little effort. She’s also the bane of the pro-death crowd that wants abortion on demand—so much so that they’ve hit her, called her everything from a “b****” to a “c***” and more....