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After Questioning, Black Anti-Rove Protesters Don't Know Who Rove Is

TheEpic95 Wrote: Jun 28, 2012 1:52 PM
No, I wouldn't deprive them of their right to vote because they seem ignorant anymore than I would deprive someone from teaching their kid religion because they seem to have done nothing to understand their own religion or form their concience. However, I feel it is sad, even dangerous, that we are living in a country where adults tell kids with tears in their eyes "I don't support his stance on abortion, or trust him when he says he supports traditional marriage, I don't know anything about his economical policies but by God, you can't vote McCain and claim to care about issues; your just doing it to being MEAN to Obama!" and mean it.

These stooges and their pitiful life's mission of perpetrating the racial conflict is entirely without interest except insofar as it tends to confirm what everyone in America knows by now: that black political activism is synonymous with anti-white racism.