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Oh My: Susan Rice Withdraws From Secretary of State Consideration

lotstosay Wrote: Dec 14, 2012 9:47 AM
She's no less a joke than Kerry. Everybody better watch their back because he'll climb over it if it furthers his career. If ever there was a stinkin traitor it's Kerry. He should have been court marshaled. Of course for liberals that resume enhancement that's why they ran him for president.
Ross83 Wrote: Dec 14, 2012 10:22 AM
I know. Just replay his speech before that congressional committee i the 1970s. He is a lying scumbag.

Apparently grossly misleading the public about a terrorist attack -- whether through deliberate lies or under-informed shilling -- does have consequences.  As of this afternoon, US Ambassador to the United Nations, Susan Rice, is officially out of the post-Hillary SecState sweepstakes.  The question is, did she withdraw on her own volition, or was she given a little shove by the White House?  NBC News has the exclusive:

Embattled U.N. envoy Susan Rice is dropping out of the running to be the next secretary of state after months of criticism over her Benghazi comments, she told NBC...