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In Defense of Chris Christie

lotstosay Wrote: Feb 28, 2013 11:04 AM
I have no quarrel with Christie as Governor of New Jersey. In fact he can stay Governor of New Jersey. We do not need another Rino candidate for president especially one who doesn't see the threat of Islam and Sharia in America. His liberal policies fit with New Jersey they do not fit with the U.S. The Republican establishment had their shot at giving us a Republican president now it's conservatives turn. What Rove and establishment Republican fail to acknowledge is Bush won his first term narrowly and his second term even more narrowly. This should have been a warning instead they run McCain and Romney and lose. Conservatives want the real deal not a make believe conservative.
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Karl Rove under fire from the right

lotstosay Wrote: Feb 08, 2013 2:34 PM
McCain, strike one. Romney, strike two. Three strikes your out. I suggest we not let Rove assure us of a third strike. It does make you wonder who taking America down the toilet faster, Obama and liberals or Rove and moderate Republicans. Obama and liberals prefer the fast flush. Moderate Republicans prefer the slow swirl. Either way America is flushed down the drain.
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GOP Focuses on Millionaire Tax Breaks

lotstosay Wrote: Dec 18, 2012 1:11 PM
Yeh! Lets go for it. Raising money over the next ten years should put a real dent in the 6 TRILLION in debt. Specifically for 2011, the projected spending is $10.46 Billion per day. This is based on the projection of Federal Spending of $3.818 Trillion for the year. We do not have a revenue problem we have a spending problem. We do not have a revenue problem we have a spending problem. We do not have a revenue problem we have a spending problem. We do not................well you get the idea.
I agree. Why would any American go to Mexico. You never know what kind of BS you'll encounter.
Did you mean phoney concern for the poor and minorities. Obama doesn't care about anyone but himself.
Highest qualification you can have as a liberal.
All that learnin and nothing to show for it.
I don't know but it won't be far enough and fast enough.
She's no less a joke than Kerry. Everybody better watch their back because he'll climb over it if it furthers his career. If ever there was a stinkin traitor it's Kerry. He should have been court marshaled. Of course for liberals that resume enhancement that's why they ran him for president.
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