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I agree. Why would any American go to Mexico. You never know what kind of BS you'll encounter.
Did you mean phoney concern for the poor and minorities. Obama doesn't care about anyone but himself.
Highest qualification you can have as a liberal.
All that learnin and nothing to show for it.
I don't know but it won't be far enough and fast enough.
She's no less a joke than Kerry. Everybody better watch their back because he'll climb over it if it furthers his career. If ever there was a stinkin traitor it's Kerry. He should have been court marshaled. Of course for liberals that resume enhancement that's why they ran him for president.
She'll have her own TV show soon. Liberals always take care of their own. Think Anthony Weiner.
Finally the proper reaction to Obama and his so called plans. McConnell gets an A+. Well done!!!!
Why does anyone think Obama has plans to address any of the problems he and two years of a Democrat Congress created? He's already doubled down on promoting green energy even after all the taxpayer money he threw at companies showed no results and ended in their demise The so called Arab Spring has turned into the Islamic winter and the debt is supposed to be handled by raising taxes. He has no intention of cutting spending and he'll blame Republicans for all his failures that will happen in the next four years. There is no upside to anything Obama does or intends to do just like there was no upside to the last four years. His plans ideas and heartless rule are only possible because of a compliant press and silent Republicans.
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