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It had to be long to cover all the misdeed and criminality of the Obama administration. I think it just needs to be played over and over and over. It's not harsh enough when you consider what Obama and the Socialist Democrat party has done to our country. The blood of innocents is on their hands in every part of our society. Veterans, cancer patients, abortions, illegal murderers not deported. There is no political ad that can be to harsh if it points out the criminality of this administration. I'm not disagreeing with your comment only adding to it.
The same could be said of you Mitt. You lost an election you could have handily won if you'd been a conservative instead of a moderate liberal. Now go away.
That stinkin B##%$$@ Boehner. By poison the well he meant he won't be able to get the immigration reform he wants which still amounts to AMNESTY for millions of illegals. Boehner is just as willing to sell out Americans as Obama.
First we rid ourselves as totally as possible of the commie, socialist, anti-American Democrats then the next election cycle we go Rino hunting.
There is no viable defense for Rand Paul for president no matter who is bashing him. Conservatives don't want Jeb bush or Rand Paul. I don't trust either of them on illegal immigration.
Good job trying to convince people to become Libertarian. The overreach and criminality of our government has nothing to do with the war on drugs and everything to do with the fact the American people have supported a government filled with outlaws bent on controlling their lives. Their is nothing decent or moral about allowing the evil of illegal drugs. What's needed is a decent and moral government small enough and accountable enough to do the job properly. I find the Libertarian view as dangerous as the leftist socialist view.
We'll have to take the good with the bad in the coming election to rid ourselves of Reid but when the time comes we'll also rid ourselves of the traitorous Rino's and replace them with conservatives. We have to be in for the long haul.
All too often he has a tendency to fall back "on the logic of a law professor than the passion of a leader," he writes. Obama was no law professor and he's certainly no leader. He's saved his passion for golf and screwing the American people and our Constitution when ever possible. He's actually a damn poor excuse for a human being.
How about civil disobedience before any other measure is taken. The willingness of Americans especially conservative to be pushed, pulled, bullied, taxed and vilified without overwhelming public reaction and marching in the streets is unbelievable to me. The federal government took in more money last year than any time in history. Our money that will be and has been used against us at every turn. We are not our grandparents and parents children because non that I've ever known would have ever allowed this to go this far.
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Where Have All the Leaders Gone?

lotstosay Wrote: Sep 22, 2014 8:59 AM
Reagan had to reach across the aisle he had a Democrat Congress to contend with. Since that time the Democrat party has become a total socialist Dimocrat party that I see no reason to try to co-operate with unless you absolutely have to. Their failed and dangerous policies need to be obliterated not incorporated into more laws.
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