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Are you kidding! This is based on what immigration laws that are on the books at this time? Here we go again, another chowder headed lip'eral that's going to tell all of us whats legal and whats not thats working through her liberal glasses instead of the law! Another great choice by El Presidente!
Romney is Mormon and will not get my vote, it's time we put a true Christian leader in the White House! He supports amnesty and government health care, I'm sick of all of this garbage! Herman Cain is my choice, he's a strong Christian and has already spoken out against ACA. Romney's a loser, he weak voiced and not the man for the job!
Looks like a very lovely lady, but I think Katie is better looking! If any of it matters, I don't live in Iowa!
What the big deal, if you think FB is wrong taking down her page, drop them like a hot rock! If you think it's OK to let people call for the murder of someone on FB then sign up! All your doing on FB is helping the surveillance people have a better day at the office anyway. It seems pretty obvious that FB supports all of the cry baby brats that must have their way, I think they call them liberals? I call them anything but! Brats works very well for me, spoiled brats is even better.
If we need ID in our airports to help keep this country safe from terrorism, than the same is true for voting. Keep America Free, call for voter ID! Just think of what this country would be like if we don't protect our voting rights. Terrorists could be voting in someone for another country that they want in office, destroying this nation from within. We need ID for all other security issues and our right to vote is no less of an issue! Why isn't DHS doing their job and protecting our voting system?
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White House Defends Immigration Actions

Lostwages Wrote: Jul 07, 2014 5:21 PM
How can anyone defend the aiding of illegals to cross the border and than place them all over the USA without proper medical detention before placement. Give them adult supervision and a one way ticket back to the country(s) from which they came and release them to the government officials of those countries! End of story!
According to a MSNBC poll on Constitutional carry 80-90 % stated they agree with it, so we'll see how many of these candidates he polls will want to be voted in and how many want to be in the streets!
More fodder from the House, by the time this law suit hits the courts it'll be all over. The U.N. will be in America helping to take our firearms away and the dollar will be useless. All of this is just fodder to make it look like they are doing something, when they are really doing nothing! Nothing about Benghazi, the IRS or anything else going the wrong way in this country. Just buying time until the end!
This has nothing to do with Obama's skin color, but it does fit the color of Obama's tactics. This subject has done it's job in pulling the heat off of the VA scandal of which Obama had full knowledge of a long time ago. Both items are too hot for him to handle. I wonder what will happen next to blow smoke somewhere else to get away from both of these bad moves and Benghazi? Hold on, the ride is just getting started and it is an "E" ticket!
So she is trying to con someone more naive than her that burning someones house down with the owner in it is not murder? Most people that die in a fire die from the smoke long before their body actually burns. Is it any wonder with people like her running loose that we are faced with the problems at hand?
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