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Gifted Hands

lostallhopein2012 Wrote: Mar 19, 2013 8:33 AM
Great story. It would be nice if our Media would honor this kind of achievement rather than how many gold records a gangsta has sold. Unlike many of the commenters here, I don't really see this as a Dem/Rep topic. THis is more of a cultural issue. African American community needs to focus on the perseverance and success of people like Dr. Sowell and Dr. Carson. Unfortunately, single moms of this generation will have to make the great sacrifice that Dr. Carson's mom had in order to TEACH their children how to succeed. The opportunity is there for those who are willing to earn it.
egalle Wrote: Mar 19, 2013 9:51 AM
Honoring or not honoring struggle is a cultural thing. The American culture has misplaced values. The story board of Obama was blank and Americans put what they wanted to see on it. Dr. Carson is for real as testified by Mr. Sowell.

A remarkable book titled Gifted Hands tells the personal story of Benjamin Carson, a black kid from the Detroit ghetto who went on to become a renowned neurosurgeon.

At one time young Ben Carson had the lowest grades in his middle school class, and was the butt of teasing by his white classmates. Worse yet, he himself believed that he was just not smart enough to do the work.

Fortunately for him, his mother, whose own education went no further than the third grade, insisted that he was smart. She cut off the television set and made him and his brother...