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The President's Middle Class Head Fake: It’s Time for a Middle Class Wake Up Call

Lost1Eagle Wrote: Dec 12, 2012 12:38 PM
No action from Obama is because he wants the cliff and wants to give more money to other countries to fix their Mosques! Oh, you haven' t heard about that? well it is true. Billions of dollars sent over seas to repair Mosques. I hope i spelled that right. Churches here fix there own things without help from the Government. Why are we giving money to countries to fix theirs? Because Obama is Muslim and wants us to go broke!

One might have thought the campaign season was over, but in fact a new campaign is beginning. This was made clear with the president's trip to what was billed as a "middle class family home" to talk fiscal cliff and tax policy.

The president is now campaigning for his transformative agenda and he sees the middle class as useful pawns. The real question is: When will the middle class see that they are being had?

Selected for the president’s half-hour excursion into the exotic world of the middle class family life was the Santana family of Falls Church, Va. The...