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Probably economies could withstand higher and higher government burdens because the very powerful energy source oil became widely used, and massive increases in efficiency due to inventions such as light bulbs and transistors. Wealth was growing so rapidly, and if we reach the limits of energy and inventions economies may implode.
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Chinese Checkers with Gold Prices

Los Angeles Law Wrote: Apr 11, 2014 2:16 AM
China wants to be the world's Superpower. One of the few ways they could do this is by issuing a currency consisting of gold coins and independently held gold backed notes, and then allowing this currency unrestricted worldwide circulation.
The writer is pointing to the most effective action conservatives organizations can take, which is create a list of organizations which most support evil Demoncrats, and most support good (conservatives), and we'll take or withhold our business accordingly. Some we know like the NY Times, but so many others we don't.
I am a supporter of Phyllis Schlafly. To help good persons understand what liberals are doing we need to use accurate language. These are not "abortionists", they are "baby murderers", and this is what conservatives should be calling them in newspaper articles and debates.
President Reagan.
Rockwell, Boeing, and many other non-government companies built all U.S. spacecraft including Saturn V and the space shuttle. NASA coordinated these companies and launched and operated the craft. The arrangement had to be like this because of the demanding nature of operating in space. In 1984 President Regan signed the Commercial Space Launch Act allowing private companies to launch satellites, and so the trend continues with private companies taking on more roles that NASA used to perform. The problem is Demoncrats are shrinking NASA faster than the private sphere can grow, and due to enormous capital expenses and the engineering difficulty of operating in space it is questionable if a private company will ever have a human walking on the moon, placing a telescope in orbit such as Hubble, etc.
The dollar today buys a lot less, so even with gas at over $4 a gallon there is no attendant to check tire pressure and clean the windshield.
I suspect the process of making a movie or some other frivolous entertainment is inherently corrupting. If that is correct then it explains why good persons could never compete with the entertainment industry.
Is the Russian government in debt as the USA is? Does the Russian government say their citizens have a right to murder unborn children and put their wee*&ies in another guy's bum? I'm not knocking the USA, I'm knocking the demoncrats who are destroying her.
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