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Obama's Religious Hypocrisy

Lori175 Wrote: Feb 07, 2015 9:47 AM
A Muslim father,and step father, a hippie mother: the first ten years of his life in a Muslim country, teen age drug use, what a resume for an American President and his fate is in our hands! God help us.
I'm glad Obama wasn't President at the time of the first 9/11 terror attack, or we'd all be carrying prayer rugs.
The Benghazi coverup leaves me sick to my stomach. To think that the United States of America in the hands of these deceitful, irresponsible individuals is beyond belief, that they think we Americans are so culpable. If Nixon could resign for his chicanery so too should Obama his actions are far worse!
I hope the young people wake up and recognize that they are being patronized, and pandered to by this ??? simply to establish and maintain his own legacy. He doesn't give a damn about America He'll do and say anything to get his way.
Once a philistine always a philistine, now get your feet off the White House furniture!
These people take my breath away! (no pun intended!) I'm simply at a loss for words!
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