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You Can't Wrap a Fish with an IPhone

Lonnie32 Wrote: Nov 17, 2012 10:10 AM
Ah, the electronic crutch. No one talks directly to a human any longer. It's all texting at what cost during rush hour? Look at the states that put on display the crushed, crashed vehicles on the roadside with don't text while driving for a clue. The Ford commercial with a cellphone, cheeseburger and steering with the knees is a tragic classic truth. People that cannot walk and chew gum simultaneously think they can drive, eat and text or just talk on the cell whenever behind the wheel. Never mind staying on their side of the road, stopping at stop signs or coming anywhere close to the speed limit. All the gadgets are dehumanizing and isolating all who are so addicted. Even those that cannot afford a cellphone can buy a cheap plastic cont::

What happens when there are no more newspapers?  What will I line my birdcage with?  What will I use to swat flies?  And most important, what will I wrap my fish in? 

As I recently sat in an airport waiting for, once again, a flight that had been delayed by maintenance, I couldn’t help but look around and see the number of mini-computers, called cellphones, being used. 

There was texting, calculating, and even game playing. 

Very few people were using their phone for the basics, which used to be just plain...