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Has there ever been a picture of Debbie with her mouth closed? I have never seen one. On another note, she is certifiable.
We have a winnah! Excellent post and understanding of the situation.
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You Say You Want a Revolution

Lonnie32 Wrote: Oct 28, 2013 9:16 AM
That was a glaring part of the article that is so important. As time goes by and the won is basically unopposed in every thing he wishes for, trifling with the internet and regulating/taxing it in an effort to establish his own unilateral control is just ANOTHER step on the road to perdition. What little HONEST communication we are now "permitted," is the biggest enemy of the won. Media is so corrupted and overwhelmed with spin, obfuscation and omission, that there is no news there and certainly little to no truth. Sadly, Pravda is sometimes more honest and revealing than our own media. Without unfettered access to the internet and choice about what we seek and require, we would be left with no news, no honesty and no second opinions. Besides all that, we know that NSA and other feral agencies monitor and spy on all of us illegally. What does gubmint have to fear from AMERICANS? All roads currently lead to dictatorship, abrogation of the Constitution and vast corruption and lawlessness. Now that healthcare has been essentially destroyed, (no doubt for the children), the only thing not gripped in a viselike grip of fatal control is the internet. Once that is regulated by the won, we are in the dark of the greatest tyranny in our history. On second thought, we are already immersed in the greatest tyranny we have ever faced.
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Debt Ceiling Delusions

Lonnie32 Wrote: Oct 12, 2013 9:51 AM
We should have recognized the fallacy of barrys economic wisdom way back when he wanted to spend our way out of debt. That was the first clue that we were on the road to Armageddon. Logic and reality have no place in this regime and the media is complicit in every hairbrained scheme that leads to our destruction. Reid and piglosi prove daily that biden is not the only moron infesting this regime. They are legion from the top down.
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Obama's Confession of Indifference

Lonnie32 Wrote: Oct 11, 2013 10:42 AM
There is no more despicable "human" than the commander in chief. Whatever causes the most pain and whatever he can blame the R's for is his only motivation. In another time he would have been removed from office during the first few months. This is a thoroughly criminal regime from the top down and they are not meeting a level of resistance from anywhere that would rein in the illegality and corruption. The snakes that managed to pass obamacare through bribery and corruption found that there would be no suitable opposition to their every whim and here we are. We are no longer governed but ruled by the most corrupt criminals ever to infest the halls of government.
Once again, the wishes of the won are not to be denied. Guess the Repubs just do not understand a command performance from his majesty. He may now close all gas stations as punishment. Barrycades did not seem to have the desired effect so far.
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A National Disgrace

Lonnie32 Wrote: Oct 10, 2013 10:16 PM
"How many more defenseless citizens are going to be killed before the civilized among us demand action?" As many a it takes to make us compliant with the lawless regime. Ask bill ayers buddy...
I would definitely NOT want to be any sort of park policeman. Most specifically, not in the western states where hunting is more widespread and more people are armed. Were I such a park ranger/cop, I would be terrified to be put in the position of doing something so reprehensible that I did not agree with, and exposing myself and others to such added tension and danger involved. Considering past performance of the regime, a catastrophic gun battle or unnecessary shooting at a park or monument due to his shutdown, would re-energize the second amendment battle once again. Hopefully not being fitted with a tinfoil hat (as yet), it would not surprise me that in the machinations of the regime, something so sinister and devious, is not beyond consideration.
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Government by Tantrum

Lonnie32 Wrote: Oct 10, 2013 11:28 AM
Wishy washy Washington. Governing through their own fear of losing the perks. Creating needless fear in the population with a constant stream of lies and obfuscations. Apparently not even being concerned with doing the right thing. Photo ops and phony politicians that consider themselves above the law and the people that elected them to do a job that they fail at constantly. Who among us can vote themselves a raise in pay every year? Sick and treasonous.
Apparently the insane asylums intake function has been shut down. Was it the sequester, the debt ceiling, or barry-non-care that did that? There are a lot of certifiable people in the upper and lower levels of our government.
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