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Yep, they're a board of directors all right. And a failed one at that. They need to be fired, not given a raise. Pathetic and disgusting.
Ironic that he says this in Michigan, a state in which Democrats have fed residents stinkburgers for decades - stinkburgers made from the same destructive policies Obama endorses. The results tell the tale, but then when does reality matter to those brainwashed in our public schools?
Yes, and it will be insolvent just like Social Security. Once again, and sadly, there's a sucker, ER, Democrat, born every minute.
What we'll find out in June how far along the path to having an authoritarian government we are.
The Bush family business is the hammer of government, and when yore a hammer, everything looks like a nail.
The Bush family's tendency to get in bed with the Clinton's is just one more reason to, as Jesse Jackson famously stated, Stay. Out. The Bushes!
It seems you are unable to make basic distinctions. UNCW is a publicly-funded university, not a private business.
"This is a real-world, grown-up approach to a real crisis that we have," No, a real world grown-up approach, especially one in a free country built on being uncommon rather than common, would not be a huge one-size-fits-all federal government program. A real-world grown-up approach would be too get the feds out of education, get the unions out of education, reform the "schools of education" in our universities, allow people knowledgeable about a subject to teach, allow discipline to be administered in schools, and in general to allow innovation and freedom to flourish. "And it's been mired in politics." Of course it has; it's being pushed by government, which happens to be the family "business" of the Bushes, and the only business they seem to know. Duh! "Trust me I know," he said. "There are not a whole lot of people who are standing up to this avalanche." Sure. More big-government busy-body "experts" like you. Though I don't care for Jess Jackson, in 2016 we should heed his cry to "Stay. Out. The Bushes!".
Hmmm... I wonder how many real moms are nagging their children about Obamacare. Very few I'll bet. But then, as Hillary says, it takes village to both succour and sucker our kids and, of course, liberal government is our true mommy.
"Us moms"? Just great. This is a two-fer for the Left: sucker the youth into paying for their parents' health insurance and dumb them down in grammar at the same time!
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