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Obama's Class Warfare: Don't Get Fooled Again

Longhorns62 Wrote: Oct 23, 2012 9:14 PM
Obama = Arrogance, class warfare, lies. 4 more years of Barry = $20 trillion in more debt, more lost jobs, more food stamps. Barry = nuclear armed Iran. Simple math. Barry O = big fat 0
Have you noticed how the Obama campaign has stepped up its class warfare rhetoric as we draw closer to Election Day?

President Barack Obama constantly resorts to this tactic because he's simply unable to defend his own record in office, as 23 million Americans are out of work or underemployed and the economy remains in distress.

Class warfare is all he has left.

But voters aren't buying Obama's polarizing rhetoric. In a Gallup survey about the 12 most important priorities this election year, the issue of "increasing taxes on wealthy Americans" came in dead last among voters. Understandably, Americans are far more concerned with...