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Europe, U.S. Gear for War in Mali Against Al Qaeda

Longhorns62 Wrote: Oct 27, 2012 9:43 PM
News flash! Lyndon B. Johnson (D) decided to move Social Security to the general accounting fund. In fact; he said " we will never use all this money". Every President has tapped into to it! The "house for everyone program" was started by Henry Cisnero's housing secretary for Bill Clinton (D). What they did was to instruct lenders to give loans to anyone who wanted one. Bad credit or not. Lenders gambled on the notes by buying 10 good ones for 1 bad one. The practice was continued under Bush because everyone was happy. The banks were lending money, the government was making tax revenue under the program, and the home buyers because they now could afford a home. So who is to blame! Look in the mirror.

Japan-China: Four Chinese marine surveillance ships entered waters that Japan claims as territorial, near the Senkaku Islands.

Comment: This is the first time in three weeks that Chinese civilian patrol ships have violated Japanese territorial waters. Japanese Coast Guard authorities also charge that Chinese military aircraft have increased their operations in the area. The Chinese are just reminding the Japanese that the waters and ownership of the islands are contested.

Syria: Government military leaders announced they will suspend military operations to mark...

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