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News flash Obama never served neither did his wife. I served in the Army 82nd Ordnance Battalion during the 1st Gulf War. I have no issues with the Romney's not serving. At least they did missionary work. Whoopi is an idiot and her show is a joke. What really disappoints me is that Barbara Walters used to be a real journalist, she needs to retire with at least a little dignity.
The Greeks are lazy. After they bailout from the E.U. they will be a turd world country. They made their bed, now they can sleep in it! The truth hurts, but it is what it is. The same waits for us if we don't get our financial house in order.
Tony Parker was a genius to drop that Leftist b**ch!
This chick has major cranial rectum inversion!
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Will Hillary Resign?

Longhorns62 Wrote: Oct 17, 2012 8:27 PM
She should have resigned last week. There needs to be impeachment proceedings against Obama. Watergate was a picnic compared to this debacle.
I would be happy to buy you a plane ticket to China commie!
Americans want to be number 1 again and not be ashamed of it. There is always an Alpha in the group always! I would rather it be our country. Go Romney!
Really! Which country would you feel comfortable in? Which country besides South Africa could you walk around in and not get killed? Yeah Somalia, that is my next vacation hot spot.
People use the Lords name in vain every day and nobody gets beheaded. Do that in the Muslim world and kiss your backside good bye. Look at yourself talking smack about Christians, Why don't you try that with the Muslims? Scared ?
Hitler was an atheist. Learn your history.
I go to gun shows all the time. I buy ammo and guns. If I wanted too I could l load my gun and start shooting. What keeps me from doing this besides my sanity, the fact that everyone in the show has guns too! Peace thru superior fire-power! It works, just look at the cold-war Russia never fired on us and we never fired on them. Just like bullies they never look for the biggest kid on the play ground, they look for the weakest. Wither we like it or not: we are humans first and no matter how educated or not, you cannot over come human nature. Liberals always seem to forget that!
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