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Glass Jaw O-ba-ma

Longhorns62 Wrote: Oct 27, 2012 10:17 PM
Well I did my part I voted for R/R today in early voting. So did my wife and college sons.
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Rumbling Toward a Knockout

Longhorns62 Wrote: Oct 27, 2012 10:12 PM
At jwarrior, Well written my friend. Go USA!
If I knew in my heart of hearts that I could only afford a $130,000.00 home and the lender said "hey you qualify for a $200,000.00 home". So now I go for it "super-size it" the American way. So now I live in a home I can't afford and live pay check to pay check, something unforeseen pops up and I whip out the plastic. So now I am up to my eye balls in dept. Now fuel prices sky rocket, then I go farther into dept because my big a$$ S.U.V. guzzles fuel and I am upside down on my car payment and can't unload it. Then I lose my job! The house of cards now collapses. To blame the republicans or democrats is ridiculous! We are at fault for being greedy, self indulgent, slothful, envious, and apathetic. Politicians all lie!
News flash! Lyndon B. Johnson (D) decided to move Social Security to the general accounting fund. In fact; he said " we will never use all this money". Every President has tapped into to it! The "house for everyone program" was started by Henry Cisnero's housing secretary for Bill Clinton (D). What they did was to instruct lenders to give loans to anyone who wanted one. Bad credit or not. Lenders gambled on the notes by buying 10 good ones for 1 bad one. The practice was continued under Bush because everyone was happy. The banks were lending money, the government was making tax revenue under the program, and the home buyers because they now could afford a home. So who is to blame! Look in the mirror.
What is really scary is when he gets voted out, what will he do as a lame duck President?
Obama = Arrogance, class warfare, lies. 4 more years of Barry = $20 trillion in more debt, more lost jobs, more food stamps. Barry = nuclear armed Iran. Simple math. Barry O = big fat 0
Obama is very condescending, typical Lib attitude. The Lib's act like the masses do not know anything. Well they are in for a rude awakening come 11/7 when they are voted out of office. We are not like the Greeks! We will take our medicine!
Barry had his chance! He can keeping blaming Bush, but he has had enough time to turn the ship around. Bush did not create the housing market debacle, no there is plenty of blame to go around. Henry Cisnero's help create that mess with the Clinton Administration. Bush should have never did the bailouts. At least Romney has a plan and a proven track record. Obama is totally out of his element. Obama care is going to crush this Country! He has no plan except for more stimulus. Just like F.D.R. they did not work then nor will they work now. Small Business is the answer. Less Government. Government needs to get out of our way!
I own a small business. This President has done nothing to help small business. He brags about saving G.M.-what a joke! They just released their quarterly's and there abysmal. He should have let them go into bankruptcy. That would have made them stronger. Who loses with the bailouts-we do. Ford also loses because they kept their financial house in order. G.M. falls Ford is there to pick up the pieces. Survival of the fittest. The way this country was made. Not coddling everyone.
News flash Obama never served neither did his wife. I served in the Army 82nd Ordnance Battalion during the 1st Gulf War. I have no issues with the Romney's not serving. At least they did missionary work. Whoopi is an idiot and her show is a joke. What really disappoints me is that Barbara Walters used to be a real journalist, she needs to retire with at least a little dignity.
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