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Five Percent

LonfromPen Wrote: Nov 30, 2012 2:08 PM
According to his article he did remember to include those taxes (or at least Forbes said it did when it did the math for him).
karpe diem Wrote: Dec 01, 2012 12:03 PM
the pro tax increase are forgetting one thing: if you take out 5% of the economy that will mean stores will sell less stuff and employers will keep fewer workers so more people will have to be on the dole so gov't will spend more money. the proper thinking should be to increase economic activity but this president is doing all he can to choke off the economy with EPA probably number one chief choker, and then there are the regulations which are causing fewer jobs and obamacare after that, and you have an economy not growing and unemployment growing by a lot. look what happened since obama was elected, thousands of jobs killed already and it is not even december one.

The good news about coming to the end of November is that we will soon embark on December meaning the clock will be clicking toward January by which time the Fiscal Cliff business will dealt with.

Until the long scythe of the grim reaper signals the looming end of 2012, the parties to a potential solution will spend as much time posturing in public as parleying in private.

I gotta tell you. I don't understand all this anyway. I know my taxes are going up next year - one way or another. My rates will rise, my deductions will...