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Company Fires Employee For Fending Off Armed Robber with Gun

lonewolfswift Wrote: Dec 06, 2012 2:02 PM
Interesting consumers who find this policy incredibly asinine...we can shop elsewhere. Happy to have read this today. I was about to pick up some transmission fluid from the AutoZone near my office. I will gladly drive somewhere else for what I need. Yeah, and their zero tolerance policy...the nut job they hire who decides to shoot up the place because they are miffed at being trained in a harsh tone...they'll certainly think twice about the zero tolerance policy. Right.

When an armed robber entered a Virginia AutoZone store demanding that the manager unlock the store’s safe, employee and Air Force veteran Devin McClean snuck out of the store to grab his legally-owned gun from his vehicle. When he returned with his weapon, he was able to scare the robber away, thereby saving his manager’s life and the company $2,000. How was McClean rewarded for carrying out such a heroic act? Because he violated company policy by bringing a personal weapon into the store-- he was fired. The Blaze has more:

But although the store’s manager was...

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