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Thank you. If I hear the term "accessibility" one more's total BS and, once again, the facts are obsucured by the emotional terms used.
Accessibility is NOT the issue that is addressed in this article. The mentally ill, even those with a documented affliction for violence or mayhem cannot be held for treatment. They can be jailed briefly, their criminal records can expand - but they have more rights than society at large to be protected from them. When I lived in the city, there was a homeless psychotic who routinely walked around drooling, carrying a butcher knife....he'd go to jail for a few days, they's shave him, clean him up and then he'd be right back on the street. The cops told me they could not hold him and he refused mental health treatment so there was nothing to be done. Thank you ACLU.
They'll just fraudulently obtain bebefits in another name. Most carry numerous EBT cards. I know this as FACT. I keep saying this as a "nasty & uncaring" conservative - I HAVE NO PROBLEM HELPING THOSE THAT REALLY NEED HELP...TEMPORARILY. I see everyday that it is a way of life and a very comfortable lifestyle. The rest of us dummies work and go without some of the luxuries the parasites absolutely demand.
Perfect time to share THIS gem....My brother-in-law works for the federal government in forestry. A few years back they diversified the crews to make sure each one had minorities and women. Fine. So aside from being called "my nigg@" all the time, the crew recently stopped at a convenience store en route to a job...while in uniform, the affirmative action member whips out his EBT card for his monster drink and chips (mind you these guys make close to 6 figs $$$) my brother in law gently takes him aside and says, hey we're in uniform, here's a few bucks. The guy went NUTS. It was one of his baby mamas card....the guy complained to the chief and my brother in law was ordered to apologize. He quit instead.
Acutally, I choose not to get worked up about it. I'm too busy working 10-12 hrs a day, supporting my family and clearly all these impoverished and "unlucky" people so they can enjoy their empty days of smoke, booze and "who my baby daddy" on their enormous TV's. This is fact and reality. I see it everyday. These people are my neighbors. I know the contempt they have for me because I start my diesel truck at 6:30am
I challenge any lib who thinks these entitlement pukes are oppressed and living in through a low end hood, a place where few if any people actually leave for work in the thorough at will see gigantic flat screen TV's glowing through the windows. They often have one in every freakin room. Not just the average 32 incher... these are home movie screens. Oh and cable too. IPhones, you bet!
One more thing ....those two criminals that escaped from the Chicago prison - they are assumed to be "armed and dangerous".... armed with illegally obtained weapons. How did THAT happen?! As felons, don't they know that they aren't allowed to have knives or guns? Sheesh, get with the program guys! FYI - those types know exactly where to go to get illegal firearms. It's easy and immediate. The whining left can't stop them. But someone who visits a shooting range with excellent marksmanship certainly could.
All who visit this site in order to follow political events from a "right" perspective - knew instinctively that the shrill, hysteria from the gun eradication faction would kick into full gear. After the shock and sickness of learning what happened to those sweet babies - I thought what a nifty gift to the gun control advocates. Any rational person concluded that a mentally compromised person was responsible. I read that the killer tried to purchase his own gun but was denied because he wasn't old enough. I also know that many parents of children with mental issues will attempt to document through the system, data that would prevent a gun purchase due to being mentally unfit. The current laws work fine for the law abiding.
That's a nifty downgrade... Brutal Violent Bloody Assault = embarassing situation If I was a less well connected person of color, sitting in jail for felony domestic violence, I'd feel fairly pi$$ed off right now.
Interesting consumers who find this policy incredibly asinine...we can shop elsewhere. Happy to have read this today. I was about to pick up some transmission fluid from the AutoZone near my office. I will gladly drive somewhere else for what I need. Yeah, and their zero tolerance policy...the nut job they hire who decides to shoot up the place because they are miffed at being trained in a harsh tone...they'll certainly think twice about the zero tolerance policy. Right.
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