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For those who are against a voucher system - do yourself a favor WATCH "Waiting for Superman" - conceived and produced by a super lib who felt "guilty" about sending his child to a private school. It is heart wrenching. But it also highlights what IS working so there is some hope. Conclusion - the ONLY obstacle to reform is the union.
Raul - it is naive to think that teachers approach "straightforward" subjects without their personal bias, i.e. economics. My college economics professor was a devout commie and she approached the subject from the agressive belief that capitalism was evil. We could get extra credit by protesting certain economic injustices that she organized. Needless to say, I learned very little about actual economics while a victim in her class. I became a bond trader and learned about economics, free enterprise and the beauty of capitalism, despite my liberal indoctrination at a university.
Granted, I cannot listen to the One's voice because I truly have a physical reaction. I have found that most of his agenda formalized into bumper sticker style talking points - are hardly worth my time. Same marxist racist cr@pola, different day. When I read what he spouted in his inagural address, the first and foremost reaction to every whine was JOBS. Primarily - Help the poor by getting out of the way of private industry and laying the groundwork for a robust economy that creates jobs. As long as receiving a government check pays more than a job, we are scrwd - the taxpayer that is.
I'd expect to see this on the Dave Chappelle show as a spoof PSA. This was actually produced as a serious ad? It has to be a joke. I cannot find the appropriate words of disgust to articulate a response. Simply vile, heinous. The left's depravity is limitless.
Request: whomever posted the analogy yesterday that arguing with a lib was like playing chess with a chicken (they knock down all your pieces, poop everywhere and then strut about like they won the game), please PLEASE confirm that I can use that. It had me laughing all day. I shared it with friends I play chess with and they all agree it is the BEST example. Thank you for the absolutely cogent and spot on observation!
I second the motion
Fast & Furious
How impressive you appear as a fiscal conservative all of a sudden... (get's me all excited)....You are a hypocritical puke
As a taxPAYER, I'd much rather fund constructive mental health in order to protect society from those who are documented liabilities than pay for Sandra $luts contraception and hootchie mama's abortions.
Gee...it might save one child.
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