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House to Vote to Freeze Federal Worker Pay

Lonestarman Wrote: Feb 15, 2013 11:56 PM
Another fact: while low level workers were receiving generous raises usually exceeding 3% from the years 2002 to 2010, during all those years capped out federal workers with professional and doctorate degrees received pay adjustments less than the inflation rate. Since 2010 the latter group has had its pay frozen like all other federal workers. Is it any wonder the government doesn't function well? What organization under the sun would with that type of pay policy? Is that how Mr. Issas would run his business? No way ... that's a guaranteed recipe for failure. Our politicians have become so ideological they have lost all common sense.

The House of Representatives today will vote to freeze the pay of federal employees, which would extend a policy that President Obama wants to put to an end. Obama is seeking a pay increase for federal workers.


The GOP-led House is expected to pass the bill on Friday, but it's likely to receive a cold reception in the Democratic-controlled Senate.

Budget hawks, in supporting the freeze, say the average federal worker compensation, including benefits, is nearly double the median U.S. household income. They point to a 2012 Congressional Budget Office study showing that, while...

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