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One-on-One with Marco Rubio

LonesomePolecat Wrote: Jul 02, 2012 11:18 AM
I have cited it about 10 times in the article. Minor vs Happersett, Supreme Court, 1875. Read and weep. Sorry. Oh, and you should notice Article 2 Section 1 in the Constitution. Retort now is you will. I hope you have not worn you mouth out .... oh, maybe I do.

The run-up to the presidential election is really a debate about growth and taxes, Sen. Marco Rubio of Florida told CNBC on Monday.

“Growth helps the debt be more manageable, unemployment, all of these things,” he said in an interview on “The Kudlow Report.”

“Tax increases do not lead to growth,” he said. “The reason why I oppose increases in taxes is not some religious objection, or even an ideological one. It is the knowledge that increasing taxes discourages growth.”

Rubio said that taxes remove money that was going to be spent into the economy. “When the government spends that dollar,...

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