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Defense in the Age of Jihad

LonePine Wrote: Apr 26, 2013 12:41 PM
Tolerance of intolerance breeds more intolerance. Islam is anything BUT tolerant of other "beliefs". The written rules of the faith specifically instruct a follower to NOT tolerate the existence of anyone BUT a Muslim. We have "No Gun" areas, despite the second amendment of the Bill of Rights. I've yet to see a "No Muslim" sign in any public place. How come ?

Defense policies are not created in a vacuum. They are designed to meet threats. Over time, threats change in ways that are difficult to predict. In the past, America’s enemies generally wore uniforms and confronted American soldiers on a foreign field of battle. Today, America’s enemies may wear backwards-facing baseball caps and attack marathon runners along with the men, women, and children cheering for them on a sunny April afternoon in New England.

What happened in Boston last week was terrible and terrifying — precisely the outcome terrorists seek to achieve. But it could have been worse. It was worse on...