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"I'll just look away. . . is true TOLERANCE." Exactly so. One does NOT need to "embrace", all that someone else thinks is real. But, a mature, educated adult Does need to let everybody else alone to live their own lives. (got little hope of seeing that in my own).
Those who think of themselves the Culturally Elite, (liberals, democrats, progressives), manipulate what remains of this nations cash-flow to trickle INTO the hands the elite, so giving them the opportunity to manipulate the numbers representing the flow of money, so even they can pretend they know what they're talking about. They and their habits have tipped most of this country into a fantasy world, where the basic, conservative citizenry are "supposed to" live in quiet, poor subservience, (like peasants) TO the elitist politicians.
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It Wasn’t Just One Lie

LonePine Wrote: Dec 26, 2013 1:43 PM
I still like the short speech Premier Obama gave on the subject why he was NOT, Technically Speaking, an actual dictator. Hey, I guess I wouldn't want to look myself in the mirror and ask my image any tough questions if I was a liberal either.
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Republicans Need to Fight Smart in 2014

LonePine Wrote: Dec 26, 2013 1:27 PM
KUDOs to MrPaul. Term limits will remove the urge to remain as, or to become, a career, life-time politician who will say or do anything to pass any law to attempt to make other citizens more obedient to THEIR elitist way thinking. I'td be heckuva' good start anyway.
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'60 Minutes': Tool of the State?

LonePine Wrote: Dec 26, 2013 1:13 PM
I can remember back when I used to watch "tic-tick-tick-tick 60 Minutes". Then, I'm not sure if it started then, or I just finally became experienced enough to notice it, but Ben Franklin's quotation from Poor Richards Almanac nudged into my consciousness. Something about, "The 2 biggest block-heads being blame-all and praise-all". 60 M went from observations of facts, to purely perspective pieces that still CLAIMED to be news. I wonder if the shame is mine, or theirs, that it lasted so long.
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A Duck Dynasty Christmas

LonePine Wrote: Dec 24, 2013 2:06 PM
Liberals of ALL flags are throwing an absolute HISSY-FIT over this Robertson replying to a direct question with a direct answer. (A BIG no-no in liberal politics). I wasn't a watcher because my own younger life just resembled the characters too closely to be that interesting. Starting now, that's going to change.
Mr Robertson was contacted by a magazine to BE asked questions. A representative of this magazine deliberately ASKED Robertson a question that Robertson frankly, TRUTHFULLY answered. For this, ALL LIBERALS have thrown an Absolute HISSY-FIT about his providing an answer that liberals don't find up to their elitist, politically-correct level of self-aggrandizing culture awareness. Liberals ! You may have found a nice hill-side view, but, It Is NOT The Only View Of The World Out There !
Why, dead black kids provide a visible reason for chest pounding, crocodile tears and "woe-is-me" speeches for would-be liberal, leftist, progressive, socialist, communist political position seekers to make a try for some guilt oriented votes ! But, you already know this.
"Difficult" as it very well (hopefully) may be to pass further bills with the hope of disarming the entire population of the common American citizen. It is going to become far, Far more difficult to actually Enforce these plots to create a pure dictatorship here. Millions and millions of plain honest people are willing to (technically) Become criminals in the face of more laws worded with the intent to make the American People a more obedient species for Premier Obama and his worshippers to control, by retaining possession of their Amendment II rights, despite the tyrants intent. From My Cold, Dead Hands !
I can see it now. Next step, if one tries to emerge from a public restroom without a prolonged, very obvious hand washing, the door will not unlock until one has accepted the speeding ticket-type citation for you that emerges from a slot there, like an ATM has, because the camera behind the mirror caught you. Not really surprised that those-who-would-be Big Brother want Amendment II repealed.
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