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A Five Gun Salute to Great Self Defense Weapons

LonePine Wrote: Jun 07, 2013 6:33 PM
A quick trot down to the corner convenience store for a desert latte', with a tiny laser-sighted .22 WMR in a pocket, has always made me feel sorry for whom-ever decides to turn bad at that time or place. I used to hunt large game with, well, LARGE handguns, and I agree. Any weapon in reach is more useful than the most imposing you have at home.
Daniel982 Wrote: Dec 21, 2013 11:12 AM
Three hits with a .22 beats a clean miss with a .44. Shoot what you can hit with.

.380 IAI "Backup"
9mm Armscor/RIA 1911
12 gauge Ithaca Model 37, 1941 vintage
12 gauge Remington 870
30.06 Remington 760
.22LR Marlin model 60

Recently, I have been getting a lot of complaints about the lack of diversity in my opinion column. The Feminazi Party has been complaining that I write about abortion too often. The Gaystapo has been complaining that I write about homosexuality too often. Atheists have been complaining that I write about God too often. College administrators have been complaining that I write about college administrators too often. I just can’t win. So, today, I’m going to dedicate my column to the topic of self-defense weapons just in case a lesbian feminist atheist college administrator goes off the deep end. I...