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"Why Are Young Americans Supportive of Obama When His Policies Are So Bad for Them?" BECAUSE THEY ARE STUPID, IGNORANT OR JUST PLAIN UNINFORMED! OR (D), ALL OF THE ABOVE!
yeah I was just wondering if there's a way to force a primary on RINO McMcConnell to run another candidate that is more conservative?
Well, this article left out some very important information. Kelly left the rifle at the gun shop to have some customizing accessories added to it before he picked it up. What that means is that he was actually purchasing it for himself as why would anyone pay more money to have optics, lasers etc added to the weapon if he was going to give it to the Police? What this proves is that Mr Kelly is indeed a LIAR and a hypocrite!! He was caught buying an AR after he sat in Congress speaking out in favor of gun control!
And the people he screwed over to the tune of 2 BILLION DOLLARS WILL NOT miss him I'm sure! But that's the way it always goes with desopts and tyrants. They "say" they are looking out for the poor people while they stuff their pockets with the poor people's money! Nothing but a common thief in my book and I do sincerely hope he rots in h e l l for eternity!!
The National Association for Gun Rights (NAGR) is running TV ads ad nauseam in W VA telling voters there just what a d o u c h e bag this guy is by exposing his lies about his stand on gun control! THAT is the reason he doesn't want to answer any gun control related questions because he know exactly what those questions will be.
And that demise will be complete within the next 5 years, or less!! However some of us will NOT go quietly into the night!
And I'd want to go to your driveby malware site to get my computer infected because............ Boy are you a dumb a s s!
Smart move there Original as there are sites online that are known to inject "drive-by malware" by just opening their home page. I'm with ya as I don't go to any of that c r a p either!!
Maxene Waters is a perfect example of what's wrong with blacks today because they continue to vote this air head back into office ad nauseam! The only time she doesn't have her foot in her stupid mouth is when she's changing feet!!
Me too! That would have been Amos talking to Andy.
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